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The EthoVision XT is a system for automatic tracking and analyzing animal movements, activities and behaviors. It consists of the following components:

  • Mouse Rota-Rod
  • Location Preference Box
  • Forced Swimming Test System
  • Y Maze
  • Elevated Cross Maze
  • Open Field Experiment Box
Y720r-The Mouse Rota-Rod

Mouse Rota-Rod

The Mouse Rota-Rod consists of five 3 cm diameter cylinders, which are suitably machined to provide grip. Six 25 cm diameter dividers make for five lanes, each 5.7 cm wide, enabling five mice to be on the rotor simultaneously. The height to fall is 16cm.

Main features:

  • Speed: adjustable in the range 5-80 RPM, in steps of 1 RPM
  • Mode: constant, ramp (accelerating), reverse, multi-step ramp
  • Rotation: forward, reverse and rocking 
  • Drive: silent motor
Y720r-Location Preference Box

Location Preference Box

Size: 55 cm long, 25 cm wide, 23 cm high. Divided into 2 rooms, right chamber vertical stripe decoration, left chamber horizontal stripe decoration. 


The classic experimental tool for evaluating the mental dependence of drugs is also widely used in the search for anti-addiction drugs.


Y maze

The arm is 30 cm long, 15 cm high and 5 cm wide.


It is applied to the test of animal's discriminative learning, working memory and reference memory.

Y720r-Forced swimming test systerm

Forced Swimming Test System

Equipped with 4 sets of swimming cups, 20 cm in diameter, 30 cm high, transparent material. With shading backplane and tail hook, tail suspension experiment can also be done.


Commonly used experimental devices for detecting 'depressive-like' behavior in animals; it can be used to screen drugs with antidepressant activity, study depression-related receptors, etc.

Y720rOpen field experiment box 4 boxes

Open field experiment box

A square with a side length of 100 cm can be divided into 4 mouse open fields.


An experimental tool for evaluating the autonomous behavior, exploratory behavior and tension of experimental animals in novel environments.

Y720r-Elevated Cross Maze

Elevated Cross Maze

Each arm is 30 cm long and 5 cm wide. The height of the closed arm is 15 cm and the height from the ground is 50 cm.


It is an experimental tool for the study of anxiety and depression to investigate the anxiety state of animals by using the contradictory behavior of animals to explore the characteristics of the novel environment and the fear of the high open arm.

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