PolyU encourages its researchers to translate research excellence into real world applications by establishing startups for societal benefits. The achievements and contributions of PolyU startups are gaining industry and social recognition with their outstanding performance in various competitions.


Recently, in the Grand Finale of the Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund/HSBC JUMPSTARTER 2022 Global Pitch Competition, a PolyU academic-led startup, Grand Rise Technology Limited, emerged as one of the top ten teams in the final round and won the Environmental Impact Award, in recognition of its eco-friendly products.


Professor Li Pei, Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology at PolyU (left), receives the Environmental Impact Award on behalf of Grand Rise Technology at the JUMPSTARTER 2022 Grand Finale

Professor Li Pei, Professor of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology at PolyU (left), receives the Environmental Impact Award on behalf of Grand Rise Technology at the JUMPSTARTER 2022 Grand Finale.

Grand Rise Technology was co-founded by Professor Li Pei of the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology and PolyU DBA graduate Dr Tenny Lam. Its research team led by Professor Li has developed a biocompatible, non-toxic and eco-friendly antibacterial and antiviral coating called CareCoatexTM. With proven effectiveness for rapidly killing 99% of common bacteria and viruses including COVID-19, the coating is ideal for disinfection, contamination control and epidemic prevention for up to six months.

Anti-microbial products protect against COVID-19

Amid the world-ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Rise Technology further developed the CareCoatexTM Pro Ultra coating based on CareCoatexTM, and manufactured the CareCoatexTM bio-based anti-microbial FFP2 3D face mask in collaboration with Foshan Nanhai Plus Medical Company Limited. The products have helped meet the huge demand for safe and eco-friendly antimicrobial products from the general public and different industries.


CareCoatexTM Pro Ultra works the same as CareCoatexTM and is also formulated with rub resistance, enabling the coating to be highly resistant to water, bleach water and alcohol, providing much longer protection. It is especially suitable for clinics, hospitals and laboratories, as well as frequently touched areas such as door handles and elevator buttons. The coating is currently being used at a hospital under the Hospital Authority and is now available for various applications.


As for the CareCoatexTM bio-based antimicrobial FFP2 3D face mask, its outer layer fabric is processed using the CareCoatexTM technology. The mask is anti-viral (including against COVID-19 and Influenza A), substantially lowering the possibility of cross-infection arising from the mask coming into contact with the human body or other objects. The brand-new mask meets the European FFP2 standard. It has recently been launched in Shanghai and will be rolled out in other markets.


PolyU ecosystem nurtures startups and helps them grow

Professor Li Pei said, “It is very encouraging that the research team received an award in this major competition. We have been devoted to turning our research excellence into positive impacts with the aim to contribute to society.”


Under PolyVentures, the University strives to create a conducive and enabling environment for knowledge transfer endeavours, through different funding schemes and activities. These initiatives facilitate our interaction with industries, investors and stakeholders, and help us grow.

~ Professor Li Pei, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology


Dr Tenny Lam, CEO of Grand Rise Technology Limited, said, “I am most grateful that PolyU proactively supports innovative research and knowledge transfer activities to help build a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem, providing us with strong support in terms of resources, technology, experience and networking.” Grand Rise Technology was granted funding of HK$3million in total from the PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund Scheme in 2020 and 2021 to drive the company’s business growth.



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