PolyU’s ten most impactful innovations

PolyU strives to ensure that alongside advancing technological and industry standards, the work of its researchers also has impactful applications that benefit society. The ten individuals or teams that won the President’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Knowledge Transfer (KT) have made contributions in areas ranging from space exploration, smart energy, smart city, and optometry, to education, transportation, healthcare, and fabric and printing technology.


The Awards were presented for the first time at a ceremony during the PolyU InnoTech Open Day.


Industry Individual Awards

(Listed in alphabetical order of researchers’ surnames)


Dr Hsu Li-ta

Awarded research:

3D Mapping Aided GNSS for Effective Positioning and Navigation in Urban Areas


Dr Hsu Li-ta, Associate Head and Associate Professor, Department of Aeronautical and Aviation Engineering

Prof Li Pei

Awarded research:

Nano-based Anti-erasing Ink for Printing on Plastic Surfaces


Professor Li Pei, Professor, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

Prof Wu Bo

Awarded research:

Advanced Topographic Mapping and Geomorphological Analysis Technologies Contributing to Landing Site Selection in Space Exploration Missions


Professor Wu Bo, Associate Head (Research) and Professor, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

Prof Zheng Yong-ping

Awarded research:

Scolioscan: a 3D Ultrasound Imaging System for Radiation-free Scoliosis Assessment


Ir Professor Zheng Yongping, Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Society Team Award

(* indicating the Principal Investigator)


Prof Chan Shui-duen

Awarded research:

Academic Research on Chinese Language Education with Impact on Knowledge Construction, Policy and Teaching Practice


Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies
*Professor Chan Shui-duen (left), Research Professor
Professor Zhu Xinhua (right), Professor

Industry Team Awards

(* indicating the Principal Investigator; listed in alphabetical order of Principal Investigators’ surnames)


Prof Tam Hwa-yaw

Awarded research:

Predictive Maintenance Railway Monitoring System Based on Optical Fibre Sensing


Department of Electrical Engineering
*Professor Tam Hwa-yaw (centre), Chair Professor of Photonics
Ir Dr Lee Kang-kuen (second from left), Professor of Practice
Dr S. Y. M. Liu (first from left), Senior Scientific Officer
Dr Stephen Cho Lok-hin (second from right), Research Fellow
Mr David Au Ho-yin (first from right), Project Associate

Prof Tao Xiao-ming

Awarded research:

Nu-Torque™: Breakthrough in Yarn Manufacturing Technology for Better Textile Properties


School of Fashion and Textiles
*Professor Tao Xiaoming (centre), Chair Professor of Textile Technology
Professor Xu Bingang (right), Professor
Dr Hua Tao (left), Associate Professor

Prof To Chi-ho

Awarded research:

Myopic Defocus Technology for Myopia Control in Children


School of Optometry
*Professor To Chi-ho (centre), Chair Professor of Experimental Optometry
Professor Carly S. Y. Lam (left), Professor
Dr Dennis Tse Yan-yin (right), Associate Professor

Prof Wang Shengwei

Awarded research:

Smart Life-cycle Optimisation and Diagnostic Technologies for Buildings Energy Saving


Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering
*Ir Professor Wang Shengwei (second from left), Chair Professor of Building Energy and Automation
Professor Xiao Fu (second from right), Professor
Dr H. X. Li (first from right), Research Assistant Professor
Dr Shan Kui (first from left), Research Assistant Professor

Prof Yung Kai-leung

Awarded research:

Advanced Precision Engineering for Space Missions and Industrial Applications


Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
*Ir Professor Yung Kai-leung (centre, in black), Chair Professor of Precision Engineering
Mr Ko Sui-man, Senior Scientific Officer
Mr Sam C. W. Lam, Scientific Officer
Dr Kwan Folk-year, Senior Project Fellow
Mr Chan Chi-leung, Project Fellow
Dr James Abbott Foster, Project Fellow
Mr Tang Jing-jung, Project Fellow
Ms Nicole Chan Chi-wa, Project Associate
Mr Eno Lam Ho-yat, Project Associate
Mr Michael Lok Ching-ho, Project Associate
Mr Sky Tam, Project Associate
Ms Joanne Wong, Project Assistant
Mr Choi Sheung-wai, Research Assistant


Industrial Centre
Ir Dr Robert Tam Wai-man, Associate Director
Mr Kong Kang-hoi, Senior Engineer
Ir Juliana Tam Mei-yuk, Engineer
Mr Chan Kwan-yau, Associate Engineer
Mr Chang Ka-ho, Associate Engineer
Mr Cheung Cheuk-kin, Associate Engineer
Mr Dragon Li Yan-lung, Associate Engineer
Mr Wan Chan-tong, Associate Engineer
Mr Alan Yu Tin-lun, Associate Engineer
Mr Tang Wing-lok, Assistant Engineer
Mr Billy Wan Chin-ting, Assistant Engineer
Mr Ho Yiu-cheong, Technical Assistant
Mr So Kin-tak, Project Assistant
Mr Chan Chi-keung, Project Technical Assistant
Mr Chan Hon-man, Project Technical Assistant