PolyU moves with the times and enhances its curriculum to meet societal needs. It has launched a new departmental scheme-based admissions arrangement and new study elements in the current academic year, and will further optimise some of its programmes, as well as introduce a variety of flexible admission arrangements for the 2023/24 academic year. These will enrich students’ learning experience, and prepare them to become ‘leaders of tomorrow’, with a global vision and a strong sense of social responsibility.


Departmental scheme-based admissions arrangement

Under PolyU’s departmental scheme-based admissions arrangement, students will select a scheme from a department when they apply to PolyU, and undertake the common courses of the department in year one. They will then select a major at the end of their first academic year of study. The arrangement offers students more flexibility, enabling them to develop diverse capabilities to meet future societal needs. PolyU currently offers 32 schemes, including the following newly introduced and restructured schemes:


Newly introduced schemes/awards

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Chinese History and Culture

    Launched by the Faculty of Humanities, this new scheme aims to deepen students’ understanding of Chinese culture, covering areas such as history, philosophy, religion, the arts and technology.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Digital Finance and Investment

    This new award launched by the School of Accounting and Finance is one of three awards under the Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Scheme in Accounting and Finance. It focuses on the application of professional finance and investment knowledge, offering hands-on experience of innovative financial technologies, to address the challenges faced by finance professionals today.


Restructured schemes

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)/Bachelor of Science (Honours) Scheme in Language Sciences, Translation, and Speech Therapy

    The Faculty of Humanities has restructured the Linguistics programmes into a new scheme to cultivate the next generation of linguistic talents. New elements, such as Language Analytics and Speech Therapy, will be offered to better equip students to meet societal needs.

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Fashion

    Formerly known as the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, the School of Fashion and Textiles officially became an independent school in September 2022. Its scheme and awards have also been modified. There are five programmes under the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Fashion, namely Fashion Design, Knitwear Design, Contour Fashion and Activewear, Fashion Business, and Fashion Innovation and Technology.


New elements broaden learning

Alongside changes to individual schemes, two new elements, namely Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis (AIDA), and Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE) have been introduced as mandatory components of the General University Requirements from the 2022/23 academic year onwards. Students have welcomed the change, pointing out that the enhanced curriculum helps to broaden their perspectives, enrich their academic knowledge and improve their competitiveness.


More flexible admissions arrangement

In 2023/24, the University will continue to take a flexible approach towards the minimum score requirement for JUPAS admissions. Students who fall slightly short of the general entrance requirements for degree programmes but meet certain conditions, will be given special consideration for admission.


PolyU also offers alternative admission routes for students who have demonstrated remarkable talents in sports, arts and culture, community service and leadership, and STEM, such as through the Special Talents Admission and Recognition Scheme (STARS), which commenced in the 2022/23 academic year, and the Outstanding Sportsmen Recommendation Scheme (OSRS), which has been running for more than 20 years.


In addition, the University is increasing the number of designated programmes under the School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS), launched by the Education Bureau, from 23 to 30 in 2023/24, to provide more opportunities for students to receive quality tertiary education.