Fifty outstanding postdoctoral fellows have been selected from leading universities in Mainland China as part of the Hong Kong Scholars Program 2022. PolyU has admitted 19 of these scholars, the largest number among all Hong Kong universities that participate in the programme. It marks the 12th consecutive year in which PolyU has recruited the most fellows since the initiative was first launched in 2011.


The programme is jointly run by the Society of Hong Kong Scholars and the China National Postdoctoral Council under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. It aims to pool the talent and research resources of Hong Kong and the Mainland to nurture outstanding postdoctoral fellows, particularly in experimental science and engineering disciplines.


Nineteen academics from PolyU will serve as supervisors to nurture the chosen fellows for two years, as they carry out high-level research work.


The PolyU academics listed below will be supervisors of the respective projects for the Hong Kong Scholars Program 2022

Faculty of Business

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

Professor Ye Hengqing

Management science application to healthcare service

Faculty of Construction and Environment

Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering

Professor Xiao Fu

Development of Smart Building Management Technologies Towards Carbon Neutrality


Ir Professor Yang Hongxing

Development of hybrid renewable energy systems with energy storage in buildings towards carbon neutrality

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Leng Zhen

Critical Solutions to High-Performance Recycling of Various Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures Containing Modifiers


Professor Dan Tsang Chiu-wah

Food waste upcycling into value-added products


Professor Wang Tao

Field and laboratory investigations of reactive bromine gases and their impact on winter air quality


Professor Yu Tao

Innovative hybrid structures incorporating fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites

Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

Professor George Liu Zhizhao

Understand the Water Vapor Characteristics during Typhoon using Beidou and GPS Satellite Observation Techniques in Support of Weather Forecasting (pending confirmation)

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

Professor Derek Or Siu-Wing

Advanced Functional and Smart Materials for Emerging Sensing, Absorption, Catalytic, and Energy Applications


Professor Xu Zhao

Control and analysis of future power systems under dual carbon transformation

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr An Liang

Electrochemical energy systems


Professor Cheng Li

Acoustic/structural wave manipulation and control for vibration/noise abatement and structural health monitoring Applications


Dr Choy Yat-sze

Aircraft engine noise control using thin and smart material


Dr Tang Hui

Machine Learning for Fluid Mechanics

Faculty of Health and Social Science

Department of Health Technology and Informatics

Professor Cai Jing

Cancer Radiotherapy Big Data Multi-omics Analysis

Faculty of Science

Department of Applied Mathematics

Professor Qiao Zhonghua

High order numerical methods for solving gradient flow problems

Department of Applied Physics

Professor Chai Yang

Two-dimensional materials for nanoelectronics applications


Professor Dai Jiyan

Advanced energy storage thin film materials


Professor Yan Feng

High-performance optoelectronic devices based on novel perovskite materials