PolyU and SenseTime Group Limited (SenseTime) have joined forces to research and develop metaverse technologies and autonomous driving applications. The two parties will explore metaverse-related imaging technologies and solutions for different applications in education, art and tourism, as well as high-performance collaborative edge computing to enable autonomous driving applications.


SenseTime is a leading global company advancing the interconnection of the physical and digital worlds with artificial intelligence (AI). Under the partnership, PolyU will harness its interdisciplinary research and innovation capabilities to work with SenseTime to promote metaverse and AI technologies that benefit businesses and society.


The Colour, Imaging and Metaverse Research Centre of PolyU, led by Dr Tommy Wei Minchen, Associate Professor from the Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering, will be responsible for the collaboration. A pioneer in exploring the potential of the metaverse for different applications, the Centre was established to conduct high-impact fundamental research and develop system algorithms and solutions.