PolyU established the Department of Food Science and Nutrition (FSN), the first academic department specialising in food science and nutrition funded by the University Grants Committee, to nurture food specialists and promote innovative and sustainable development.


FSN’s opening ceremony was held at PolyU in mid-July, and attended by 300 guests, including government officials, community leaders, industry partners, and staff. An International Conference on Food and Human Health was also held in celebration of the inauguration of the department.


Under the Faculty of Science, FSN is dedicated to providing professionally crafted training to nurture food specialists based on four key pillars: food safety, food technology, human nutrition, and Chinese medicine. It also focuses on addressing health-related issues and pursuing impactful research to promote innovative and sustainable development that benefits the world and humanity. FSN will work closely with the Research Institute for Future Food (RiFood) and the Research Centre for Chinese Medicine Innovation (RCMI) to provide interdisciplinary solutions for major societal challenges.

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