The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is committed to leveraging its world-class academic and research excellence to develop innovative solutions for the betterment of society. Our research capabilities were once again recognised when, to our great pride, our researchers successfully received major grants totalling around HK$137 million from the Research Grants Council's Theme-based Research Scheme and the Strategic Topics Grant recently. The awarded projects will lead to research breakthroughs in sustainable development and mental healthcare.


In a broader context, the University is striving to establish translational research institutes across various Mainland cities. Our aim is to conduct research and development work that not only has a significant impact, but also facilitates the transfer of knowledge to meet the industrial and societal needs of each city. Such efforts will also augment Hong Kong’s status as an international innovation and technology hub and contribute to the Nation’s development.


Last but not least, to make our students better independent learners who are able to adapt to a tech-driven world, we have plans to enhance our education by incorporating generative AI, flipped classrooms and other innovative pedagogies, nurturing a new generation of graduates who will be better prepared for success in a society that will change much faster than before due to the rise of AI.


Through all of the above initiatives, we are demonstrating our commitment to being an innovative world-class university that directly benefits society.


Jin-Guang Teng