Committed to providing a holistic education that helps students realise their potential and inspires them to become global-minded leaders, PolyU is implementing various initiatives to empower students to achieve academic success and personal development.


For example, the Global Student Hub (GSH), a new on-campus facility, will play a key role in promoting the interaction and integration of students from different cultures. “Apart from being an ideal venue for hosting student events, the GSH also provides a place to help develop our local and non-local students’ ability to connect with peers from diverse backgrounds, and to become more open-minded in embracing cultural differences,” PolyU’s Deputy President and Provost Professor Wing-tak Wong said.


The University also launched the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme in the summer of 2021. The Scheme provides the opportunity for students to conduct research projects under the supervision of the University’s scholars, with funding given to approved projects. PolyU will also provide additional support to participating students, such as automatic admission to the College of Undergraduate Researchers and Innovators, priority admission to the new Residential College with academic and mentorship support, and access to seminars and sharing by resident researchers at the Residential College.


Looking ahead, PolyU will implement departmental scheme-based admissions from the 2022/23 academic year onwards, providing students with more flexible study options and enhancing their competitiveness. Furthermore, two new elements, “Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis” and “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, will be incorporated into the General University Requirement from the next academic year. “These curriculum enhancement measures will help students acquire vital interdisciplinary knowledge, and equip them with creative thinking to cope with the rapid changes in our world,” Vice President (Education) Professor Kwok-yin Wong said.