One of the signature moments of the 85th Anniversary was the making of the theme song to reflect PolyU’s commitment across the generations to become a leading university with impactful contributions.


85th Anniversary Theme Song 



八十五載風雲 ,砥礪前行


Music Director:

Leung Kin-fung
Lyrics by:
Paul Lee (Alumnus)
Chen Zhuoan (PhD Student)
Song composed by:
Steph Lau (Alumna)
Eagle Chan (Alumnus)
Arranger for PolyU Choir:
Ng Cheuk-yin
Arranger for PolyU Orchestra:
Lee Che-yi
PolyU Orchestra
Artistic Director and Conductor:
Leung Kin-fung
PolyU Choir
Conductor: Alex Tam
Pianist: Candy Chik

Premiering at the Launch Ceremony, the theme song was the result of the joint efforts of PolyU members, under the leadership of Music Director Mr Leung Kin-fung, Artistic Director and Conductor of the PolyU Orchestra, and First Associate Concertmaster of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. The specially written theme song was composed by PolyU alumni Steph Lau and Eagle Chan, while the music arrangement was made by Ng Cheuk-yin and Lee Che-yi. The exquisite lyrics of the theme song were adopted from the contributions of alumnus Paul Lee and PhD student Chen Zhuoan, and refined by PolyU Council Chairman Dr Lam Tai-fai, President Professor Jin-Guang Teng, and Professor Chan Shui-duen, Chairman of Culture Promotion Committee and Research Professor of the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies.


Brains behind

Mr Leung Kin-fungMr Alex TamProfessor Chan Shui-duen
Mr Leung Kin-fungMr Alex TamProfessor Chan Shui-duen
 Steph LauEagle Chan 
 Miss Steph LauMr Eagle Chan 

Finally, the theme song was unveiled by performances of the PolyU Choir and PolyU Orchestra under the baton of conductors Mr Alex Tam and Mr Leung Kin-fung. To prepare for the debut performance, 50 members of the PolyU Choir and 48 members of the PolyU Orchestra consisting of staff, students and alumni practised for over 20 sessions. The guests at the Launch Ceremony were delighted with the impressive performances that displayed the creative and artistic talents of the PolyU community.


PolyU's Orchestra and Choir performed the 85th Anniversary theme song.

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