In the 2021 Hong Kong Scholars Program, PolyU has admitted 22 outstanding postdoctoral fellows selected from leading universities in Mainland China. This number represents the largest share of the year’s cohort of 52 postdoctoral fellows among the eight government-funded universities in Hong Kong.


The programme is a cross-border initiative to nurture postdoctoral fellows to conduct high-level research work, particularly in experimental science and engineering disciplines. It helps cultivate research talent who will contribute to the development of innovation and technology in society. The programme is supported by the Society of Hong Kong Scholars and Mainland authorities, including the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the HKSAR.


The postdoctoral fellows admitted to PolyU will come to Hong Kong by February 2022, and take part in two-year research projects under the guidance of PolyU academics. The research projects cover about 15 subject areas, including chemistry, civil engineering, computing science, information and communication engineering, materials science and engineering, medical technology, and textiles.


The PolyU academics listed below will be supervisors for the 2021 programme:

Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles

Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

Prof. Wong Wai-yeung

Department of Applied Physics

Prof. Hao Jianhua, Prof. Huang Haitao, Prof. Lau Shu-ping

Institute of Textiles and Clothing

Prof. Jiang Shouxiang, Prof. Zheng Zijian

Faculty of Construction and Environment

Department of Building and Real Estate

Prof. Ni Meng

Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering

Prof. Asif Usmani

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Prof. Dai Jianguo, Prof. Guo Hai, Prof. Lam Hing-keung, Prof. Xia Yong

Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

Prof. Chen Wu

Faculty of Engineering

Department of Computing

Prof. Cao Jiannong, Prof. Li Wenjie

Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr Niu Shuangxia

Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

Prof. Yu Changyuan

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Prof. Chan Kang-cheung, Prof. Cheung Chi-fai

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Department of Health Technology and Informatics

Dr Chan Wing-chi, Dr Law Ka-wai

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Prof. Cheing Lai Ying