As the hospitality sector embraces innovation and technology, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management is launching a new online Master of Science in Hospitality Business Innovation in September 2022 to help hospitality professionals adapt, thrive and lead the industry in the digital age. The programme, which is aimed at hospitality executives, offers modules on artificial intelligence and data analytics in the hospitality sector, hospitality asset management and business strategies, hospitality leadership and human capital development, and innovation and technology management. It will have an international focus, while also recognising the characteristics of an Asian context.


Offered entirely online, the programme has a flexible delivery pattern to enable hospitality executives to study at their own pace while remaining in the workforce. It is designed to be taken over three years, but can be fast-tracked in two years. Learning and teaching is participantcentred, and includes experiential exercises, seminars, lectures and group work to meet the training needs of practitioners in this increasingly competitive industry.