Bachelor of Science (Honours) Scheme in Data Science
- Data Science and Analytics
- Investment Science and Finance Analytics
- 數據科學及分析
- 投資科學及金融分析

  • Programme Code


    (Senior Year for Data Science
    and Analytics)

    (Senior Year for Investment Science and Finance Analytics)

    JUPAS Code


    Not applicable

    Not applicable

    Mode of Study

    Full time

    Full time

    Full time

    Normal Duration

    4 years

    2 years

    2 years

    Required for Awards

    At least 124
    (plus 2 training credits)*^

    Normally 70 credits
    (plus 2 training credits)*^

    Normally 70 credits
    (plus 2 training credits)*^


* depending on the student's qualification (plus 2 training credits)

^ Students who were admitted to 63426, 63426-SY and 63425 on or before 2021/22 academic year should refer to the respective Programme Requirement Documents at Curriculum for the required credit for awards.

Programme booklet


Programme at a glance

Programme Aim and Objective

This 4-year full-time scheme comprises 2 undergraduate programmes of majors which are designed to equip students with a combination of highly developed mathematical, statistical and computing skills:

  • BSc (Hons) in Data Science and Analytics
  • BSc (Hons) in Investment Science and Finance Analytics

This 4-year full-time scheme is designed to provide students with solid training in mathematical, statistical, and computer programming skills, with special emphasis on applications in investment and finance analytics or data science and analytics. This scheme comprises the following two undergraduate major programmes:

BSc (Hons) in Data Science and Analytics

This major focuses on training graduates with expertise that cuts across core disciplines of mathematics, statistics and computer science. It emphasizes the critical arc that runs from data to information, information to knowledge, and knowledge to decision making.

BSc (Hons) in Investment Science and Finance Analytics

This major is designed to provide students with strong mathematical and statistical skills and a thorough understanding of their applications in the world of modern investment and finance analytics.

Excellent Career Prospect

Graduates of this Scheme programme will be able to pursue careers as data analysts in a broad range of industries e.g. finance, IT, retail, urban planning, healthcare, marketing and research, consultancy, government and public utilities etc.. Check out Career Prospect to see where our alumni land their dream careers

Hear from Our Students and Alumni

Find out our students’ learning experience and see how our programme has helped alumni in career development.

Howard Chan
Howard Chan
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung
Jenna Ho
Jenna Ho
Annie Yau
Annie Yau
Steven Tang
Steven Tang
Elvis Wong
Elvis Wong
Programme Team
Scheme Leader

Dr. Raymond Sze


Data Science and Analytics

Investment Scienceand Finance Analytics

Programme Leader

Dr. Pong Ting-kei

Dr. Raymond Sze

Deputy Programme Leader

Dr. Alex Wong

Dr. He Daihai 

Assistant Programme Leader

Dr. Allen Tai

Mr. Adam Leung

Programme Secretary

Ms Ida Man

Ms Olivia Tsui

Entrance Requirement
  • For Local Applicants applying on the basis of HK Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) qualification:
  • For Local Applicants applying on the basis of a Higher Diploma or an Associate Degree qualification:
  • For Local Applicants applying on the basis of other qualifications:
  • For International Applicants:
  • For Applicants applying on the basis of Mainland Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) qualification:
Interview Arrangement

The interview aims to test the potential for and interest of applicants in the programme, and their communication skills and general knowledge in finance.

For HKDSE applicants:

Selected applicants will be invited to attend an interview prior to the announcement of HKDSE results.

For other applicants:

Selected first choice applicants will be invited to have onsite / online interviews.

AMA Entrance Scholarships 

To give recognition to outstanding local students admitted to its full-time undergraduate programmes, the Department of Applied Mathematics (AMA) sets up a one-off entrance scholarship for outstanding applicants. 

Please find details here.



Tel: 2766 6946

Programme Structure

All students admitted to the Scheme will take a common set of subjects in their first year and select one of the majors under the Scheme in their second year. Students are requested to complete all the General University Requirement (GUR) and Discipline-Specific Requirements (DSR), including compulsory subjects, elective subjects, common applied science subjects and a one-year capstone project to fulfill the credit requirement for graduation.

Year One

Students study the General University Requirement (GUR) subjects and scheme common subjects such as Calculus and Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability & Distributions, Programming Fundamentals.

Year Two

Students are streamed to one of the two majors under the Scheme based on their individual preferences. They will continue to complete other scheme common subjects such as statistics, database system, principles of programming, applied linear models, operations research, and start to study major discipline-specific compulsory subjects in Data Science and Analytics or Investment Science and Analytics.

Year Three

Students are expected to complete most of the major discipline-specific compulsory subjects in the third year, including statistical machine learning, big data analytics, decision analysis and optimization methods for Data Science and Analytics programmes and Corporate Finance, theory of interest and Portfolio analysis, investment, derivative pricing, and econometrics for Investment Science and Analytics programme.

Year Four

Students will have the flexibility to choose their major discipline-specific elective subjects from a large pool of elective subjects from statistics, data science, computing science, finance and investment, health and medical informatics, and urban informatics. They will also complete a Capstone Project in which they tackle a problem or research topic in data science/finance analytics/statistics/applied mathematics, consolidating the discipline-specific knowledge, concepts, and generic skills developed through different stages of the programme.


Please refer to

Subject Library

Beyond Classroom Activities

Beyond classroom activities enrich student learning and knowledge. Latest activities include:

  • Distinguished Lecture by Honorary Professor
  • Talks by External Speakers
  • Company Visits
  • Work-Integrated Education
  • Student Exchanges / Field Trips
  • Learning Experiences Tours to Mainland China
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Student Activities by Departmental Society of Applied Mathematics
Professional Recognition

Upon the completion of programme, graduates with the major in BSc (Hons) in Investment Science and Finance Analytics are expected to receive partial exemption from the professional assessment of:

  • Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute*

  • Hong Kong Statistical Society

  • Royal Statistical Society of UK

Graduates with the major in BSc (Hons) in Data Science and Analytics are expected to receive partial exemption from the professional assessment of:

  • Hong Kong Statistical Society

  • Royal Statistical Society of UK

* Graduates with economic/finance or relevant degree qualification could apply for license by passing Licensing Examination for Securities and Futures Intermediaries Paper 1 only and would be exempted from Papers 7 & 8. Student should submit his application to HKSI. Exemption will be considered for candidates who achieve satisfactory results in specified papers. For details, please visit

Our programmes are designed to train students with critical and innovative thinking skills associated with problem solving and decision making, which aim to help them solve emerging problems in different domains of application. In the past decade, the Department of Applied Mathematics has groomed thousands of graduates and most of them have found employment in prestigious and renowned corporations throughout the Asia Pacific area.

Graduate Employment Statistic (2020)

Data Science and Analytics                                               Investment Science and Finance Analytics

Messages from Alumni

All undergraduate degree programmes of PolyU include a mandatory work-integrated education (WIE) component which aims to develop students with all-round skills and professional knowledge. Student will be arranged to take work placement or internships of not less than 80 hours that are related to their academic studies (e.g. statistical analysis, research, finance, investment, etc.) during summer break.

Internship programme is a win-win partnership. By working as an intern in local and overseas organizations, our students will be able to apply classroom knowledge to a real world setting, and gain beneficial experience for their future career. Meanwhile, it serves as efficient and effective channel for employers to identify competent students as interns and permanent employees.


For Employers who require on-campus recruitment, or simply want to publicize your job opportunities to recruit the right candidates, we can work closely with your organization and help you develop a tailored recruitment strategy. You are most welcome to contact us for

    • On-campus recruitment activities
    • Student internship programme
    • Free job posting


Please click HERE for details.

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Ms Eunice Hung

In addition to the standard study path, some of our students took the opportunity to go on an exchange and spent a semester in a different university abroad. Students return from exchanges with exciting and rewarding experiences which have broadened their perspectives.


Vincent Au, North Carolina State University, USA
"I went on exchange at North Carolina State University (NCSU) for five months, the experience is doubtlessly the most meaningful and fruitful period in my life. It helps broaden my horizons and expand my social circles.

I made many friends in my dorm, which accommodates 150 residents from both local and overseas. They are all very nice persons and would actively approach each other in the dorm. We spent a lot of time together on studying, travelling and participating in various dorm activities, and built a strong bond just like a family. I’m very lucky to make so many close friends and so blessed to have received ‘The Most Unforgettable Resident in Alexander Hall’ Award (the greatest superlative among all) which is publicly voted by all residents. I also spent my leisure time on travelling through the states. The hot spots and the cultural difference between Hong Kong & USA have inspired me a lot. Thanks NCSU students and all my Alexander Hall mates for making my exchange a fruitful one. They have changed me a lot and made my experience in USA special and unique. I would have done the same for everything if time had flied back to half a year ago, with no regrets."



Jason Tang, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
"I went to Melbourne in Australia for a six-month exchange study at Swinburne University of Technology. This was a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me despite a tough start. During this period, I participated in various activities such as Japanese Club, Residence Hall Orientations, exchange students’ meetings etc., and made many new friends from around the world. We shared perspectives on different issues and enjoyed many great moments together. After this trip, I have changed in many ways and had a deeper understanding of myself. I have learnt how to maintain friendships and treasure important people in my life…And I can cook now! I highly recommend my fellow classmates to go on an exchange. Through this opportunity, you will definitely learn something that would change your whole life."



Janice Chan, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Science, Finland
"My exchange journey was an amazing experience. It broadened my horizon and developed my awareness of things around us. Finland is well known for her education. It provides many discussion areas and practical exercises to student. One of my subjects of study required us to propose a strategic plan to a business in Finland and the company representatives came to listen to our ideas. It was a challenge to me as I had to work on a real case and it required knowledge different from those I gained from my mathematics study in Hong Kong. Fortunately, I was in a group with Finnish students who were willing to offer help whenever I encountered any problem. They were creative and always thought out of the traditional box that I usually did. They also respected others’ ideas and provided relevant responses. I appreciate their good time management so that things could work on schedule without rushing.

Having gone to a new place with different culture and language for exchange study, I had a chance to make friends from different countries. I tried to actively communicate with them in English and participated in many activities to learn more about the local culture. Through all these interactions, we have become good friends. To me, friendship is the most priceless gift I got from the exchange."



Hilary Wong, Yonsei University, Korea
"Last semester, I went to Yonsei University in South Korea for exchange. It is a valuable experience which makes me grow up and change a lot. The University organizes various activities for international students. I joined one of the Korea tours for the Palace visit, watched Korean drama and enjoyed Seoul’s night view, and made many friends from different countries like US, UK, Canada and Singapore. Since we were all new to the city, sometimes we would go and explore the Korean culture together. I’m so grateful to have them who made my exchange trip more joyful. Moreover, by spending time with them, I found that my English, Putonghua and Korean have improved a lot. Another memorable experience I had is from the Yon-ko Games, an annual sport competition between Yonsei University and Korea University. In this two-day event, I joined other Yonsei students to cheer and celebrate for the success of our teams of baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and football. I could totally feel a strong tie between students and the University. I’m so fortunate to be one of them and get to participate in this game.

Going on exchange is really a meaningful chapter in my life. I am so thankful to have this opportunity and have gone to Yonsei University for exchange."

In order to help students to make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their study that suit their professional and personal goals, every freshman will be assigned an academic advisor from his/her own Department under undergraduate curriculum.


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