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Subject Library


List of Subjects offered by the Department

Subject Code Subject Title
AMA1000 Freshman Seminar
AMA1006 Basic Statistics
AMA1007 Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA10071 Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA1100 Basic Mathematics - An Introduction to Algebra and Differential Calculus
AMA1104 Introductory Probability
AMA1110 Basic Mathematics I - Calculus and Probability & Statistics
AMA1120 Basic Mathematics II - Calculus and Linear algebra
AMA1131 Calculus
AMA1500 Foundation Mathematics for Accounting and Finance
AMA1501 Introduction to Statistics for Business
AMA1600 Fundamentals of AI and Data Analytics
AMA1602 Introduction to Statistics
AMA1606 Basic Statistics
AMA1611 Data Analytics Fundamentals
AMA1702 Calculus
AMA1707 Introduction to Calculus
AMA1708 Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA1751 Linear Algebra
Subject Code Subject Title
AMA2104 Probability and Engineering Statistics
AMA2111 Mathematics I
AMA2112 Mathematics II
AMA2131 Mathematics for Engineers
AMA2222 Principles of Programming
AMA2222A Principles of Programming
AMA2233 Data Analytics and Visualization
AMA2380 Engineering Mathematics
AMA2511 Applied Mathematics I
AMA2512 Applied Mathematics II
AMA2601 Statistics for Finance Analytics
AMA2602 Applied Linear Models for Finance Analytics
AMA2631 Applied Statistical Methods
AMA2631A Applied Statistical Methods
AMA2634 Introduction to Statistics
AMA2634A Introduction to Statistics
AMA2691 Probability & Distributions
AMA2701 Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA2701A Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA2702 Multivariable Calculus
AMA2703 Mathematical Methods for Finance
AMA2707 Intermediate Calculus and Linear Algebra
AMA273 Advanced Mathematical Methods for Economics and Finance
AMA2882 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
AMA290 Engineering Mathematics
Subject Code Subject Title
AMA304 Financial Computations and Programming
AMA3100 Number, Combinatorics and Statistics
AMA3201 Computational Methods
AMA3231 Numerical Methods and Computing
AMA3232 Programming for Data Science
AMA3304 Theory of Interest and Portfolio Analysis
AMA358 Applied Probability Models for Investment
AMA3602 Applied Linear Models
AMA362 Further Statistical Methods
AMA3631 Statistics for Data Science
AMA3640 Statistical Inference
AMA3654 Survey Sampling
AMA3658 Stochastic Processes for Investment
AMA3701 Mathematical Methods for Data Science
AMA3707 Real Analysis
AMA3708 Differential Equations
AMA3721 Probability and Distributions for Risk Management
AMA3723 Further Mathematical Methods for Finance
AMA3724 Further Mathematical Methods
AMA3820 Operations Research Methods
Subject Code Subject Title
AMA4300 Seminars in Investment Science and Finance Analytics
AMA432 Mathematical Methods for Investment
AMA4325 Derivative Pricing
AMA435 Mathematics for Financial Derivatives
AMA4363 Loss Models
AMA4380 Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading
AMA4381 Econometrics
AMA4390 Quantitative Finance and Financial Technology
AMA4601 Statistical Modeling for Discovery
AMA4602 High Dimensional Data Analysis
AMA4650 Forecasting and Applied Time Series Analysis
AMA466 Multivariate Statistical Methods
AMA4670 Modelling of epidemic and pandemic
AMA4680 Statistical Machine Learning
AMA4688 Simulation
AMA4801 Compressed Sensing
AMA4840 Decision Analysis
AMA4850 Optimization Methods
AMA4951 Capstone Project (one-year subject)
AMA4952 Capstone Project
Subject Code Subject Title
AMA502 Operations Research Methods
AMA503 Statistics and Data Analytics
AMA505 Optimization Methods
AMA506 Graphs and Networks
AMA507 Mathematical Modeling for Science and Technology
AMA514A Applied Linear Models
AMA515A Forecasting and Applied Time Series Analysis
AMA518 Simulation
AMA523 Optimal Control with Management Science Applications
AMA524 Scientific Computing
AMA528 Probability and Stochastic Models
AMA529 Statistical Inference
AMA530 Mathematics of Finance
AMA531 Loss Models and Risk Analysis
AMA532 Investment Science
AMA533 Life Contingencies
AMA534 Credibility Theory
AMA535 Mathematics of Derivative Pricing
AMA536 Insurance and Risk Management
AMA538 Principles of Risk Analysis
AMA539 Financial Modeling
AMA540 Business Forecasting
AMA541 Simulation and Risk Analysis
AMA542 Advanced Operations Research
AMA543 Loss Models
AMA546 Statistical Data Mining
AMA563 Principles of Data Science
AMA564 Deep Learning
AMA565 Advanced High Dimensional Data Analysis
AMA566 Advanced Topics in High Frequency Trading
AMA567 Quantum Computing for Data Science
AMA568 Advanced Topics in Quantitative Finance
AMA569 Stochastic models for carbon pricing and trading
AMA570 Current Topics in Actuarial Science
Subject Code Subject Title
AMA601 Advanced Statistics in Health Care Research
AMA610 Advanced probability theory
AMA611 Applied Analysis
AMA612 Numerical methods for Partial Differential Equations
AMA613 Mathematics Seminar
AMA614 Mathematical Statistics
AMA615 Nonlinear Optimization Methods
AMA616 Statistics for Finance
AMA617 Optimal Stopping and Stochastic Control in Mathematical Finance
AMA618 Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics
AMA619 Advanced Mathematical Statistics
AMA620 Advanced Statistical Learning
AMA6887 Guided Study on Research Topics in Applied Mathematics
AMA67711 Research Seminars
AMA67712 Research Seminars
AMA67713 Research Seminars
AMA67714 Research Seminars
AMA67721 Practicum
AMA67722 Practicum

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