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Research Overview



The Department currently has three main research groups:

This group has research interests in theory and numerical methods in the areas of nonlinear optimization, variational inequality, nonlinear equations, vector optimization, optimal control, quantum information, logistics, neural network and financial mathematics. Collaborations have been done with colleagues worldwide and from other departments within the University including engineering, logistics and textile. This group has a very good track record in securing government research grants and has also published high quality papers in prestigious international journals.

Members of the Research Group

  • Prof. Chen Xiaojun, Chair Professor (Group Leader)
  • Prof. Sun Defeng, Chair Professor (Group Leader)
  • Prof. Yang Xiaoqi, Professor
  • Dr Lee Heung Wing, Joseph, Associate Professor (Liaison Co-ordinator with the teaching staff members)
  • Dr Pong Ting Kei, Associate Professor
  • Dr Zhang Guofeng, Associate Professor
  • Dr Yuan Yancheng, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Liu Xiaoxia, Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr Lee Kei Fung, Charles, Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Tai Hoi Lun, Allen, Teaching Fellow
  • Mr Cheung Yat Ming, Instructor
  • Mr Yeung Hon Keung, Angus, Instructor

Members of this group have been undertaking research on the application of statistics and mathematics to problems in various fields such as finance, medical science and environmental science. Some of them have also maintained a long history of collaborative research with researchers from international renowned universities and research institutes. In addition, the team members are actively involved in the provision of advisory services to staff and students of the University as well as to the public via the Statistical Advisory Unit (StatAU). The main task of the group is to build up an international reputation through publishing high quality papers and involving in high level consultancy projects.
Members of the Research Group

  • Prof. Dai Min, Chair Professor (Group Leader)
  • Prof. Huang Jian, Chair Professor (Group Leader)
  • Prof. Li Xun, Professor
  • Prof. Yiu Ka Fai, Cedric, Professor
  • Prof. Zhao Xingqiu, Professor
  • Dr Huang James, Associate Professor
  • Dr Jiang Binyan, Associate Professor
  • Dr Liu Chun Ling, Catherine, Associate Professor
  • Dr Wong Kin Yau, Alex, Associate Professor
  • Dr Xu Zuoquan, Associate Professor
  • Dr Yu Xiang, Associate Professor
  • Dr Fu Guanxing, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Han Ruijian, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Jiang Zhaoli, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Li Ting, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Chen Kexin, Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr Lee Chun Yin, James, Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr Shen Guohao, Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr Zhang Junyi, Research Assistant Professor
  • Mr Tsoi Sze Leong, Frankie, Instructor

The diverse research group comprises staff members working in Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks and Optimization, Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics and Soliton Theory, Numerical Integration, Numerical Simulation of Combustion, Qualitative Theory of Nonlinear Differential Equations in Engineering Sciences and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics. The group is a part of the group of the CAS AMSS-PolyU Joint Research Institute for Engineering and Management Mathematics established in 2005.

Members of the Research Group

  • Prof. Li Buyang, Professor
  • Prof. Lin Yanping, Research Professor
  • Prof. Qiao Zhonghua, Professor (Group Leader)
  • Prof. Wang Zhian, Professor (Group Leader)
  • Dr He Daihai, Associate Professor
  • Dr Lou Yijun, Associate Professor
  • Dr Sze Nung Sing, Raymond, Associate Professor (Liaison Co-ordinator with the teaching staff members)
  • Dr Zhou Zhi, Associate Professor
  • Dr Cui Jianbo, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Zhang Zaikun, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Zhang Zhu, Assistant Professor
  • Dr Gao Yu, Research Assistant Professor
  • Dr Zhang Hua, Senior Teaching Fellow
  • Dr He Yangbo, Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Leung Chun Sing, Teaching Fellow
  • Dr Ho Chor Yin, Instructor
  • Mr Leung Man Kin, Adam, Instructor

Specific topics of research include mathematics finance, medical and environmental science, nonlinear optimization, variational inequality, nonlinear equations, vector optimization, optimal control and logistics, numerical integration, numerical simulation of combustion, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, genetic algorithms, and neural networks.

The Department operates a Statistical Advisory Unit, which provides both internal and external statistical consultancy and advisory services.

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