PolyU has launched a new Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS) to nurture the next generation of researchers and innovators. The Scheme, which advocates inquiry-based learning, provides the opportunity for full-time undergraduate students to conduct research projects under the supervision of the University’s scholars.


 Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS)

Professor Jin-Guang Teng, PolyU President, said: “Students can acquire new knowledge through conducting research, and curiosity is the key to driving research. This is a great opportunity for students to discover what research is about from an early stage of their studies and develop high-order thinking skills, such as logical, creative and critical thinking.” The experience and skills students acquire through their research will help to prepare them for their future endeavours, and open up a broader career horizon for them after graduation.


The University will provide a range of support for students enrolling on the Scheme, which combines knowledge application and innovative ideas, including training, seminars, lectures by renowned researchers, as well as scholarships and small research grants that last for up to two years.


In addition, participating students will be automatically admitted to the virtual College of Undergraduate Researchers and Innovators. They will also have priority admission to the new Residential College, which has a guidance system in place, including academic tutoring and mentorship support. It will provide an environment to facilitate and encourage interdisciplinary studies among the students.

In view of the enthusiastic response of the students, more than 100 undergraduate students (including outstanding students who will be promoted to their final year of study on an exceptional basis) have been selected to conduct individual or group research for the first cohort of the Scheme in the 2021/22 academic year.


Through the URIS, the University hopes to nurture a significant number of graduates with the interest and commitment to go on to pursue research, with a view to enhancing technological innovation capabilities for the advancement of Hong Kong and beyond.