My warmest congratulations to our distinguished alumni, staff and students, who were recently honoured with the Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award, President’s Awards for Outstanding Achievement, and Outstanding Student Awards respectively. Their achievements are indeed a testimony to PolyU’s accomplishments in nurturing dedicated talents who strive for excellence in their respective fields and make positive contributions to society with their passion and perseverance.


While sharing their joy and pride, I believe all achievements are dependent on hard work and good planning. During these past several months, the Task Force on Planning Exercise Proposal (PEP), together with all faculties, academic departments and other colleagues, dedicated enormous effort to the development of our PEP for the 2022/23-2024/25 triennium for submission to the University Grants Committee. The exercise offered an important opportunity for the University to revamp its educational and research programmes to meet the changing needs of society. The Task Force worked closely with faculties and academic departments in drawing up the PEP according to PolyU’s strategic directions, planning parameters and societal needs. The PEP aims to fulfil our aspiration of providing the best holistic education and engaging in impactful research for the benefit of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world.


Spring has brought beautiful blossoms to our campus, adding liveliness and vibrancy. Let’s stay well and healthy, and embrace the future with optimism.


Jin-Guang Teng