To address the changing needs of society, PolyU launched a selection of new taught postgraduate programmes in 2020/21, covering the fields of data science, international real estate and construction, medical physics, applied nutrition, school and community psychology, and smart cities.


Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics

Department of Applied Mathematics



This programme is exceptional in providing a balanced treatment on the three pillars of modern data science, namely Statistics, Optimisation Methods and Computer Science. Students will learn the latest mathematical, statistical and computing techniques in order to extract information out of large-scale data and make appropriate decisions. Their training will enable them to become data analysts in a broad range of industries including finance, information technology and artificial intelligence.


Doctor of International Real Estate and Construction

Department of Building and Real Estate


The first professional doctorate in real estate and construction in Hong Kong, the programme equips seasoned executives with theoretical and technical knowledge of the industry in Asian and global contexts. In addition to developing their management and leadership skills, the programme will inspire them with comprehensive analytical methods to address industry challenges and tackle the complex influences of public policies and the global economic environment. It will prepare students to take up senior management roles in the real estate and construction market.


Master of Science in Medical Physics

Department of Health Technology and Informatics



Medical physicists specialise in radiation diagnosis and treatment technology, with expertise spanning from medical imaging to radiotherapy. The first of its kind in the region, the PolyU programme aims to broaden students’ perspectives in medical science and technology development, and equip them with professional knowledge and relevant skillsets, as well as research capabilities. Aligned with international standards, the programme has established close connections with local hospitals, the healthcare industry, and medical physics societies in Hong Kong and overseas.


Master of Science in Nutrition and Healthy Ageing

Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology


This unique programme aims to produce well-trained nutritionists who serve Hong Kong’s needs to prevent and control non-communicable diseases among the ageing population. It is the first MSc nutrition programme in Hong Kong offering practicums in community settings, with a curriculum based on the standards of the UK Association for Nutrition. The profession-oriented programme will allow students to gain a deeper insight into promoting health education and disease prevention.


Master of Arts in School and Community Psychology

Department of Applied Social Sciences



In addition to acquiring specialized knowledge and skills, students of psychology need to solidify their critical thinking and research skills. They must also strengthen their foundation in fulfilling professional obligations, making ethical decisions and understanding policies. This programme aims to provide students with these perspectives and the necessary tools, with an emphasis on self-development, self-reflection and real-life applications to tackle school and community issues. Graduates will be prepared for careers in the fields of psychology, education, and community and human services.


Master of Science/Postgraduate Diploma in Urban Informatics and Smart Cities

Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics


This interdisciplinary programme leverages emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to provide students with a foundational understanding of the theories of urban systems and science, training in new technologies, and hands-on experience in developing smart city solutions. Graduates will be equipped with the technological knowhow for smart and sustainable urban development to pursue a career in a broad range of industries, including information technology, urban planning, logistics, public health, and social welfare finance. 


Leveraging the University’s educational excellence, these new programmes are designed to nurture professional leaders in their respective fields who will drive positive changes in society.