At the beginning of the new year, let me share with you some good news. PolyU’s research excellence contributed to the Nation’s first mission to obtain lunar samples, Chang’e 5. It successfully collected soil and rock samples from the Moon and brought them back to Earth. PolyU played a key role by developing and manufacturing the “Surface Sampling and Packing System”, which was one of the critical components used in collecting the lunar samples. As the only local university which has contributed to this mission, we are proud to say that this advanced innovation was from researchers in Hong Kong, at PolyU. We look forward to taking part in the Nation’s future space missions.  


With regard to our teaching and in light of the ongoing pandemic situation, PolyU has been using different online teaching and learning platforms to enable students to continue with their education. Recently, the University Grants Committee (UGC) announced that it, along with its Quality Assurance Council, will allocate additional funding to support the UGC-funded universities in implementing various initiatives to promote the strategic development of virtual teaching and learning. PolyU will actively explore innovative solutions to enhance the overall experience and effectiveness of teaching and learning online.


In the Year of the Ox, I sincerely wish you good health, happiness and prosperity!


Jin-Guang Teng