Five student teams from PolyU’s Department of Rehabilitation Sciences scooped five out of the ten awards at the Global Student Innovation Challenge (Design category) at the 14th International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology (i-CREATe 2020). The competition encourages students from all over the world to develop creative and innovative devices or solutions that improve the quality of life for the elderly and people with disabilities.


Project: Sockcess | Award: Silver

An innovative socking aid, which modifies the designs of current products to help users put on ankle socks

Awardees: Jocelyn Cheong, Jane Cheung, Esther Hon, Bonnie Lai, and Boey Lee





Project: BraVo | Award: Bronze

An assistive tool which helps women who suffer from one-sided weakness, either after a stroke or from another injury, to put on a bra independently

Awardees: Icy Wong, Kathy Wong, Sprindy Wong, and Angus Pun





Project: Slide 2 Dry | Award: Merit

A practical, durable and affordable alternative to traditional clothes pegs for people with weak pinch strength, poor hand dexterity and/or other disability-inducing conditions

Awardees: Chloe Kwong, Hannah Chan, Geisty Shu, and Chloe Ting





Project: Bedman | Award: Best Presentation

A bedsheet changing aid for people with physical difficulties, such as hemiparesis, rheumatoid arthritis or reduced upper limb muscle strength

Awardees: Issac Yeung, Natalie Cheung, Cherry Keung, Regina Lee, and Felix Wong





Project: Eager-to-Hang | Award: Best Prototype

A new idea derived from current commercial multi-clip hangers that aims to make hanging clothes easier

Awardees: Christy Lam, Rita Hung, Anna Lam, Florence Lau, and Cathy Shing