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Graduate School Transferable Skills Workshop Series - Using EndNote for Citations in LaTeX/ Overleaf

Effective management of citations and references is vital for success in academic publishing. On 29 November, the Graduate School and the University Library co-organised a workshop focusing on citation and reference management using the industry-standard tool, EndNote. In the well-equipped learning lab at PolyU Library, participants gained valuable insights into harnessing the power of EndNote to efficiently prepare and export organised references to LaTeX (a document preparation system) or Overleaf (an online collaborative editor). The workshop also covered selecting citation styles, formatting references, and citing sources on both platforms. As a token of appreciation for the participants' dedication, light refreshments were provided towards the end of the workshop.

29 Nov, 2023


Application of PolyU’s Collaborative PhD Programmes 2024/25 Now Opens

PolyU Graduate School is committed to expanding students’ research and learning opportunities. In partnership with esteemed institutions, the collaborative PhD programmes aim to develop talents through collaborative research, innovation, and cultural exchanges. Full-time PhD students are offered a unique opportunity to access research and teaching expertise, resources and training at PolyU and one of our partner institutions through joint supervision. On 9 and 10 November 2023, two admission talks were organised exclusively for students from our partner institutions. Over 870 participants attended to explore research postgraduate studies of PolyU.Dual PhD Degree Programmes The Dual PhD Degree Programmes offer a holistic research postgraduate education in partnership with nearly 20 prestigious universities, including Queensland University of Technology, University of Technology Sydney, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and other academic institutions. Successful graduates will receive two award parchments each to be issued by PolyU and the partner institution.Collaborative PhD Training Programmes The Programmes cover partnerships with key research laboratories and emerging universities, including Eastern Institute for Technology, Peng Cheng Laboratory, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory. Successful graduates will receive a PhD degree from PolyU and a completion certificate from the partner institution.We encourage interested applicants to explore PolyU's collaborative PhD programmes with attractive admission scholarships and utilise this unique research and educational experience. Application Procedures and Videos:

27 Nov, 2023

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PolyU Graduate School Outstanding Research Postgraduate Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony

The PolyU Graduate School Outstanding Research Postgraduate Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony took place on 21 November, honoring three exceptional research postgraduate (RPg) alumni for their significant accomplishments. The ceremony recognised Professor Lu Weisheng Wilson and Dr Poon Chi-kin Lawrence with the Outstanding Research Postgraduate Alumni Award, while Dr Wang Lei Leo received the Outstanding Early Career Research Postgraduate Alumni Award. The PolyU Central Management Team, together with PolyU staff, students, alumni, and esteemed guests, gathered to witness this momentous presentation ceremony. The event also provided a platform for thought-provoking exchanges and valuable networking opportunities. Hailing from diverse backgrounds in academia, research, and innovation, the awardees showcased remarkable achievements in their career trajectories. The ceremony commenced with Professor Jiannong Cao, Dean of Graduate School, who emphasised the importance of fostering a strong RPg alumni community. Professor Jin-Guang Teng, President of PolyU, underscored the university's commitment to RPg education and its significant research performance and societal contributions. The award presentation was a highlight of the event, as each awardee shared invaluable insights gained from their research studies. Expressing profound gratitude to their alma mater, supervisors, family members, and supporters, they were each presented with a trophy by President Teng. In closing remarks, Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), extended heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees for their well-deserved recognition and inspiring contributions. He stressed that they serve as shining examples of the university motto, "To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind." Learn about the outstanding RPg alumni:

21 Nov, 2023


PolyU PhD Info Week 2023: Embark, Explore, Elevate and Engage

Acing the application for research studies requires thorough preparation. The Graduate School organised the PolyU PhD Info Week from 17 to 20 October 2023, gathering over 2,000 brilliant minds across the globe to navigate research studies. The event is specially designed with a progressing theme to equip prospective research study applicants with a deep understanding of research postgraduate education at PolyU.   Day One: Embark — PhD Info Session The week-long event began with a captivating PhD info session. Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), showcased PolyU’s cutting-edge research infrastructures and its commitment to niche and interdisciplinary academic excellence in his opening remarks. Dean Jiannong Cao introduced PolyU’s holistic research studies, and its unique research support and opportunities available. Associate Dean Louise Cummings further explained the admission procedures. During the Q&A session, participants were offered practical guidance to set on the path of research and innovation.   Day Two: Explore — Discipline-specific Admission Talks This engaging online session featured nine faculties and schools, categorised into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and non-STEM streams. Participants had the opportunity to consult academic representatives directly, seeking guidance on research and admission enquiries specific to their chosen disciplines. They also connected with potential supervisors to initiate the preparation of their research proposals early.   Day Three: Elevate — Navigating PhD at PolyU An exclusive on-campus info session was arranged for current PolyU students, including participants of the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS). This ignites their interest in a seamless transition into research studies at PolyU. Professor Louise Cummings encouraged students to advance scholarly achievements and careers through research studies at PolyU. The session highlighted the extensive research and learning support, catering to academic, entrepreneurial, or industry-focused development. Participants received a comprehensive guidebook for research studies in the academic year 2024/25 to aid their understanding and the application process.   Day Four: Engage — Ace the HKPFS As session hosts, Dean Jiannong Cao and Professor Louise Cummings shared important tips and strategies with applicants of the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) to maximise their chances of securing this prestigious scholarship. Participants also learnt from outstanding HKPFS awardees from India, the Middle East and Africa for first-hand application tips and insightful PhD student lives at PolyU. These awardees inspired participants to realise their research aspirations and exert societal impacts. Applying for the HKPFS through PolyU offers significant financial coverage, including a stipend of up to HK$1.32 million, a conference grant of up to HK$55,200, a cash award of up to HK$100,000, and a tuition fee waiver for the entire normal study period, alongside a guaranteed hall place for two years. The four-day PhD Info Week empowered applicants to pursue their research studies at PolyU. If you are ready to commence your exciting research study, start exploring research programmes and identifying potential supervisors today!   Relive the highlights:

7 Nov, 2023


Research Student Gathering: Welcoming New Students of the Dual PhD / Collaborative PhD Training Programme

The Research Student Gathering organised by the Graduate School on 25 October ended with applause, warmly welcoming new students of the Dual PhD and Collaborative PhD Training Programmes. The gathering series aims to facilitate ideas exchange and cultural interaction among research postgraduate students. This particular session also offered tailored information on postgraduate research studies for collaborative PhD programme students. With an enrollment of over 120 students in semester one of the academic year 2023/24, Dean Jiannong Cao conveyed his wishes in the event opening for the students embarking on the collaborative PhD programmes, wishing them an enriching journey of research studies. He also encouraged students to stay proactive, keeping abreast of changes and seizing opportunities. The collaborative PhD programmes present exceptional opportunities for student mobility and cross-cultural learning. Enrolled students have the privilege to conduct research under joint supervision at PolyU and partner universities, research laboratories and centres, or industries that share parallel strengths in specialised areas. Through collaborative research, students are able to amplify their innovative research, benefitting from the well-equipped research infrastructure and resources supported by PolyU and its partners. Empowered by the energising ice-breaking games, participating students were provided with tailored information on research postgraduate studies, traversing programme features, curriculum details, study milestones and requirements, and available student support and valuable tips. A dedicated Q&A session was also arranged to address personal enquiries. The event provided not only valuable insights but also a platform for new students of the programmes to forge connections while enjoying refreshments. It laid the foundation for a vibrant and collaborative academic environment, fostering the growth and success of these aspiring scholars.

25 Oct, 2023


PolyU PhD Thesis Award 2023

The Graduate School is delighted to announce the result of the PolyU PhD Thesis Award 2023. The awardees have demonstrated distinctive research achievements through their graduating thesis. Congratulations to the award recipients and the honour is the recognition of their endeavours to advance knowledge with applications. For abstracts of the award-winning theses, please click HERE.

12 Oct, 2023


Graduate School Transferable Skills Workshop: Questioning and Interacting with Students

On 5 October, a group of PhD and MPhil students gathered for a workshop on effective English teaching, focusing on transferable skills of questioning and interacting. This event was jointly organised by the Graduate School and the English Language Centre, demonstrating the commitment to elevate learning experiences. The lunchtime workshop underscored the significance of thoughtful questioning and enhancing subject understanding through teaching. Skillfully facilitated by Mr. Daniel Barlow, engaging discussions were stimulated. Participants were empowered to lead discussions and exchange views through peer learning. Moreover, they brainstormed practical solutions to overcome the challenges that often impede effective teaching practices, deepening critical thinking, collaborative learning, and insightful interactions. The workshop catalysed a passion for effective English teaching and equipped these aspiring scholars with the necessary skills and knowledge to positively impact their future students.

5 Oct, 2023


Research Student Orientation 2023: Welcome, PolyU Research Students!

In the heart of a vibrant new academic year at PolyU, the Graduate School extends its warmest wishes to all new research students commencing their exhilarating study journey. The Research Student Orientation held on 30 August witnessed the participation of 370 PhD and MPhil students. They immersed themselves in the realm of research and engaged in insightful sharing sessions and dialogues with university management, student representatives, and academic staff. Extending a warm welcome, each student received a handy welcome guide and a thoughtful gift from the Graduate School. The orientation buzzed with energy. President Jin-Guang Teng, with his profound insights into the University's trailblazing development and unwavering commitment to research excellence, propelled students towards impactful discoveries. Professor Louise Cummings, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, provided a comprehensive overview of coursework requirements, study milestones, and ample development opportunities. Research students were illuminated with a clear research study roadmap and nurturing student support. Moreover, students received guidance on achieving a balanced study life and fostering meaningful relationships with supervisors, departments, and schools through a series of sharing. The orientation concluded with a spirited panel discussion featuring Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), and Professor Louise Cummings. Together, they explored the common challenges of PhD students and shared inspiring success stories of researchers. As the new academic year unfolds, our commitment to providing seamless support and guidance remains steadfast, ensuring that research students soar to new heights of scholarly achievement.

30 Aug, 2023

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Strengthening Global Research Collaboration with New Partners of Dual PhD Degree Programmes

In July 2023, PolyU signed two partnerships with Tianjin University (TJU) and East China Normal University (ECNU) to offer Dual PhD Degree Programmes starting from the academic year 2023/24. These new partnerships with globally recognised universities marked a milestone in PolyU’s research collaboration. Leveraging the institutions' academic strengths and international competitiveness, the programmes aim to cultivate talent in shared research areas such as Business, Engineering, Humanities and Science. The Dual PhD Degree Programmes foster research collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange between prestigious academic institutions. In an equally-split study pattern, students will conduct research at both universities and have access to co-supervision and advanced research facilities. Apart from benefiting from the academic and cultural environment at each institution, students will also gain a broader perspective on their research topics and develop transferable skills and knowledge for their future careers. The Programme is powered by partnerships overseas and in Mainland China. Students who successfully graduated will receive two award parchments issued each by PolyU and the partner institution.

1 Aug, 2023


International Research Student Gathering: Building Connections and Getting United

It was a momentous occasion for the Graduate School (GS) as we hosted our first gathering for international research students to connect and exchange ideas. The event brought together students from various continents, including countries participating in the One Belt One Road initiative in Asia, Europe, and Africa. The students experienced the diversity of the student body at PolyU and learnt about the strategic development of the international student community by PolyU GS.   The sharing session was led by Professor Cao Jiannong, Dean of Graduate School, who warmly welcomed the students. The students actively participated in fun ice-breaking games to win souvenirs and later shared their insights and ideas on student engagement and outreach with GS representatives in groups. They expressed their interest in becoming ambassadors for PolyU's international research community to offer their help and support.   The GS is thrilled to have hosted such a successful and enjoyable event and is grateful for the students' insightful contributions, which will enrich the overall experience of the student body. Through such initiatives, the GS promotes international student support and a global outreach network.   It is exciting to see a vibrant community of international research students at PolyU, and we eagerly anticipate more engaging events like this in the future!

27 Jul, 2023

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