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Electronic Certifications – Award Parchments and Transcript of Studies

**This electronic verification service is available for graduates of Year 2021 and onwards.**


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) takes part in the Academic Certificate Verification Platform (ACVP) initiated by the Joint Universities Computer Centre (JUCC) to issue award parchments and Transcript of Studies using blockchain technology which makes official certifications in electronic format secure and verifiable.

In addition to the paper copy of official certifications currently on offer, both the award parchment and Transcript of Studies from PolyU are produced in a secure electronic format using blockchain technology. With this service initiative, PolyU graduates would be offered greater flexibility in controlling and maintaining their credentials in terms of possession or sharing with designated recipients. Likewise, recipients/readers of these official certifications like potential employers or institutions for further studies would also benefit from this initiative by having a swift process in verifying the authenticity of the documents they received.


Work Mechanism

The content of the official certifications is saved in a secure electronic file in PDF format which can be verified and viewed at the Academic Certification Verification Platform (ACVP): 

PolyU graduates can view and share their official electronic version of award parchments and Transcript of Studies to other parties at their discretion by using the exclusive hyperlink (URL) or a QR code that is generated based on the academic qualifications concerned. 


Service Scope and Release Schedule

Starting from February 2023, the Graduate School (GS) will issue the following official certifications in electronic format for Research Postgraduates of Year 2021 and onwards:

  • Award Parchment
  • Transcript of Studies

Note: Award qualifications of Taught programmes are handled by the Academic Registry (AR) separately.

Graduates/graduands entitled to this service will be informed by email when their electronic certificates are issued and uploaded to the ACVP.

  • Login with PolyU NetID and NetPassword at the official website at
  • Select and download the PDF file and/or create a URL or QR code for your official certification(s) to facilitate any onward sharing with the designated recipient(s)
  • Save the PDF file and/or URL or QR code in a secure place on your computer/electronic devices



Verifications of academic awards could be done by the designated third parties (usually by potential employers or institutions for further studies) in the following ways:

  1. Upload or drag-and-drop the electronic certifications (in PDF format) to the official website at; or
  2. Click on the associated URL provided by the graduate/graduand; or
  3. Scan the QR code provided by the graduate/graduand

The platform will respond with the verification result in a few seconds. Upon successful verification, the designated third parties will be prompted with a ‘Verified’ sign at the top of the page, meaning that the official certification concerned is proven authentic. For failing cases, a prompt with ‘No Matched Credential’ will be shown.


Transfer to Other Parties

Graduates may save and transfer the electronic certifications to other parties at their discretion.

For easy understanding of the follow-up action by the designated recipients, graduates are highly recommended to provide the following verification statement together with the PDF file, URL or QR code.

< Verification Statement >
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University issues the electronic version of award parchments and Transcripts of Studies (in PDF format and the associated URL/QR code) which are verifiable with blockchain technology. Please visit the official website for electronic certification verification, viewing and other processing details.


Upon receiving the PDF file or the associated URL/QR code from PolyU graduates (in Year 2021 and onwards), please follow the steps below for verification:

  1. Save the PDF file in a secured folder, as it contains the personal data of the subject graduate. Upload or drag-and-drop the PDF file to the verification platform at; or
  2. Click on the associated URL or scan the QR code which links directly to the verification page


The system will then respond with the verification result within a few seconds. After successful verification, an authenticated copy of the certification can be viewed or downloaded in format such as PDF.

The authentic and verifiable electronic document from PolyU exists only in PDF format or the associated URL/QR code. Electronic documents in any other formats (such as DOC, JPG or HTML) will NOT be verified.


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