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Graduation Requirements

New Grading System and Minimum GPA for Progression and Graduation

  • In order to reflect students' accomplishments more precisely, "minus" grades will be introduced to the grading system.  Moreover, the following grade to grade point conversion will be used for all subjects under the new grading system (except those which are assessed on a pass/fail basis):
 Grade New Grade Point
Short Description
 A+ 4.3 Excellent
 A 4.0
 A- 3.7
 B+ 3.3 Good
 B 3.0
 B- 2.7
 C+ 2.3 Satisfactory
 C- 1.7
 D+ 1.3 Pass
 D 1.0
 F 0.0 Failure
  • Under the new grading system, no more capping will be applied to GPAs starting from 2020/21.  All GPAs will range from 0.00 to 4.30.
  • All MPhil and PhD students need to complete their coursework with a qualifying GPA of 2.7 or above before submission of their thesis for examination.  

Thesis Submission

  • A student and the supervisor(s) concerned will complete and submit Form GSB/2B as 'Notice of Intention to Take Thesis Examination' to the office concerned* via the DRC when the thesis is ready or nearly ready for examination. This notice is to be accompanied by a brief description of the thesis (or the work done). Upon receipt of the notice, the office concerned* shall set up a Board of Examiners (BoE). Students are advised to submit the notice well in advance of the intended thesis submission date so that the BoE is in place to examine the thesis upon its submission.
  • A student shall submit his/her thesis to the office concerned* after it has been approved by the Chief Supervisor. Upon the receipt of the duly signed Form GSB/18, a student is required to submit an electronic copy of the thesis to the office concerned*. The thesis must be presented in accordance with the Regulations on the Format and Presentation of Theses for Research Degrees. When the thesis is found acceptable by the BoE Chairman, the electronic copy of the thesis shall be sent to the office concerned*.

* The office concerned refers to:
   For students admitted in or before the 2017/18 cohort: Graduate School (GS)
   For students admitted from the 2018/19 cohort onwards: General Office of Host Department

  • After satisfying the award requirement, the student must prepare an electronic copy of the final version of the thesis to be sent to the University Library and other parties concerned.

Examination of Thesis

  • The oral examination is compulsory. Please refer to the respective Regulations and Administrative Procedures for the Degrees of MPhil and PhD Offered by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the Research Postgraduate Student Handbook for details of the examination process.
  • Following the oral examination (and other examinations as required), the BoE shall recommend to the Graduate School Board (GSB) that the student should:
    • be awarded the degree of MPhil/PhD; or
    • be awarded the degree of MPhil/PhD subject to minor amendments being made to the thesis or an additional assignment being completed to the satisfaction of the Chairman of BoE or his/her nominee by a specified date but normally a period not longer than 3 months; or
    • be required to revise and resubmit the thesis and/or to attend another oral examination and/or other form of examination (a student is limited to one opportunity of re-examination within 12 months); or
    • (for PhD examination only) be awarded the degree of MPhil and no resubmission is permitted; or
    • be regarded as having failed as the thesis is deemed unsatisfactory and no resubmission is permitted.
  • The report detailing the recommendation of the BoE shall be copied to DRC Chair, who shall alert the GSB to problematic cases and provide necessary information when required.
  • If a unanimous decision cannot be reached after the oral examination or re-examination or other examinations as required, each member of the BoE will be required to submit a report and recommendation for the consideration of the GSB. The GSB may set up a review panel to consider the case.

Confirmation of Award

  • The Graduate School Board (GSB) shall confirm on behalf of the Senate the award of the degree of MPhil/PhD to a student who has satisfied all the requirements for the degree.

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