PolyU has joined forces with Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China, National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica, East China Normal University, and National United University to conduct cutting-edge research into quantum information optics. The research findings are detailed in a research paper titled “Metalens-array-based high-dimensional and multiphoton quantum source”, which was recently published in top international journal Science.


Professor Tsai Din-ping, Chair Professor and Head of Department at PolyU’s Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, is one of the leading academics in this field contributing to the breakthrough research. The research will help to realise many applications of quantum information science in people’s daily lives in the future, in areas such as quantum mobile communications, email access, online transactions, cashless payments, ATMs and e-banking, internet security, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks and other applications related to security and confidentiality.