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The Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) is committed to serving the community through the dynamic integration of education, research and service through its applied social science research. APSS’s position as a large social sciences department with diverse areas of interest and expertise under one roof, and its location within a health and social science faculty, offers an advantageous position in inter-disciplinary research networks and initiatives. APSS research is characterised by:

  • A strong emphasis on social needs and policy relevant research;

  • A commitment to enhancing social betterment and improving the well-being of individuals, children, families and disadvantaged groups in our community;

  • A preference for collaborative work with partnering institutions in Hong Kong, China and the region; and

  • A commitment to developing theories of indigenous knowledge and practices.


As the hub of social sciences research in Asia, the Department houses four centres and networks to advance research collaboration with academic institutions, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, and government departments locally, in mainland China and overseas.


Please visit our website for more information about APSS.

Research Area

Family, Child, Youth, and Ageing Studies

Psychology, Mental Health and Health

Applied neuropsychology; social cognition; biological psychology

Educational psychology; developmental psychology; psychopathology

Environmental psychology; community psychology 

Public health; medical anthropology and sociology

Social Policy, Social Welfare and Community Development

Disaster management and risk reduction

Housing policy; health policy; labour and welfare policy; ageing and family policy; comparative social policy

Third-sector development; social enterprise; social economy; social innovation

Social Theory, China and Global Social Development

Social Work and Human Service Management

Human services management; information-knowledge management

Indigenization of social work practice; social work education; social work values and ethics

Social work supervision; social work practice

Research Facilities

The following research centre and research facilities are our platforms for hosting and advancing research collaborations with academic institutions, NGOs, the private sector and government departments locally, overseas and in the Chinese mainland.

Other Information

For enquiries about the programmes, please contact us.

Supporting Documents
Academic Referee's Report

Compulsory - Two Academic Referee's Reports are required.

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Statement


Research Proposal

Compulsory - A standard form must be used for the submission of research proposal.  Please click here to download the form.

Transcript / Certificate


  • Certificate(s) of the award of Bachelor’s/Master’s degree.

  • Transcripts of studies.  All pages of your official transcripts must be uploaded, including the legend (or grading system).



  • Publications, awards, professional-related community service/qualification (licenses), etc.

  • Please provide an official letter/document issued by corresponding University to indicate that your Master's degree study contains a significant research component, such as a dissertation.