Residence Requirement
Research Postgraduate

Residence provides students with an opportunity to become immersed in the intellectual environment of the University.  Residence also includes periods during which students’ research requires off-campus field work or non-PolyU laboratory work approved by the host department.


The residence requirements for the Master of Philosophy (MPhil)/Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programmes are as follows:



Residence Requirement

2-year full-time/ 4-year part-time MPhil programme

2 regular semesters

3-year full-time / 6-year part-time PhD programme

3 regular semesters

4-year full-time / 8-year part-time PhD programme

4 regular semesters


The residence requirements may be different for individual Collaborative PhD Training and Dual PhD Degree programmes, subject to the prevailing agreements signed with the partner institutions. Please refer to the Research Postgraduate Student Handbook for details.


All research postgraduate students must fulfil the residence requirement before thesis submission.


In addition to the residence requirement, full-time research postgraduate students are required to be on campus full-time and consequently in such geographical proximity as to be able to participate fully in University activities associated with the programme.