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Student Accommodation

Dear students,

I welcome you to the PolyU Student Halls of Residence.mok chi ming 

In the year ahead, the Student Halls will not only become your “home away from home”, it will also be a nurturing ground for your personal development.  During your stay with us, you are free to explore the abundant learning opportunities that are open to you.  I encourage you to embrace all the possibilities offered here – to meet new friends, to participate in the wide range of hall activities, to reach out to fellow students from various parts of the world.

At Student Halls, we strive to provide you with a safe, pleasant, supportive and nurturing living-learning environment. We expect you to make reciprocal efforts in maintaining the hall a pleasant place for all residents by complying with the hall regulations, by fostering a sense of community, by shouldering your civic responsibilities and by respecting personal differences and the rights of other people.

Our Hall Wardens, Tutors and dedicated hall administration and residential education team from the Student Resources and Support Section of the Student Affairs Office are here to provide guidance and support.  Please feel free to approach them whenever you need any help or assistance. I wish you the best of luck throughout all of your endeavors here at PolyU.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Esmond MOK
Dean of Students