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Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science

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Level 1

COMP1001 Problem Solving Methodology in Information Technology
COMP1002 Computational Thinking and Problem Solving
COMP1003 Statistical Tools and Applications
COMP1004 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
COMP1011 Programming Fundamentals
COMP1012 Programming Fundamentals and Applications
COMP1411 Introduction to Computer Systems
COMP1433 Introduction to Data Analytics
COMP1901 Seminars and Topics in Information Technology
COMP1BN02 Friends, Followers and Circles: Connections in a Socially-Computed World
COMP1BN03 Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Rise of the ICT Industry in China
COMP1D04 From Scratch to Apps Foundations of Computational Thinking and Literacy for Problem Solving

Level 2

COMP2011 Data Structures
COMP2012 Discrete Mathematics
COMP2013 Data Structures and Algorithms
COMP2021 Object-oriented Programming
COMP2022 Programming for FinTech Applications
COMP2121 E-Business
COMP2322 Computer Networking
COMP2411 Database Systems
COMP2421 Computer Organization
COMP2432 Operating Systems
COMP2S01(COMP2S01S) Technology Beyond Borders: Service Learning across Cultural, Ethnic and Community Lines

Level 3

COMP3011 Design Analysis of Algorithms
COMP3021 Programming Language Paradigms
COMP3022 Algorithms Engineering
COMP3121 Social and Collaborative Computing
COMP3122 Information Systems Development
COMP3131 Business and Information Systems Strategies
COMP3133 Chinese Language Processing
COMP3134 Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management
COMP3211 Software Engineering
COMP3233 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
COMP3235 Software Project Management
COMP3311 Applied Cryptography
COMP3334 Computer Systems Security
COMP3335 Database Security
COMP3421 Web Application Design and Development
COMP3422 Creative Digital Media Design
COMP3423 Human Computer Interaction
COMP3438 System Programming
COMP3511 Legal Aspects and Ethics of Computing
COMP3512 Legal Aspects, Professionalism and Ethics of Computing
COMP3531 IT Entrepreneurship
COMP3911 (COMP3S03) Service Learning and Civic Engagement in the Information Age
COMP3921-23 FinTech Seminars and Case Studies (I, II, and III)
COMP3924 FinTech Seminars and Case Studies
COMP3S02 Socially Responsible Global Leadership in a Digital World

Level 4

COMP4001 Internship
COMP4011 Theory of Computation

COMP4121 E-Commerce Technology and Applications

COMP4122 Game Design and Development

COMP4123 Business Process and Workflow Management

COMP4125 Operations Research and Logistics Management
COMP4127 Information Systems Audit and Control
COMP4133 Information Retrieval
COMP4134 Biometrics and Security
COMP4135 Knowledge and Information Management
COMP4136 Data Protection and Security
COMP4141 Crowdfunding and E-Finance
COMP4142 E-Payment and Cryptocurrency
COMP4146 Computational Finance
COMP4322 Internetworking Protocol Software and Management
COMP4332 Mobile Security: Principles and Practice
COMP4334 Principles and Practice for Internet Security
COMP4342 Mobile Computing
COMP4422 Computer Graphics
COMP4423 Computer Vision
COMP4424 Extended Reality: Theory and Practice
COMP4431 Artificial Intelligence
COMP4432 Machine Learning
COMP4433 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
COMP4434 Big Data Analytics
COMP4436 Artificial Intelligence of Things
COMP4438 Embedded Software
COMP4442 Service and Cloud Computing
COMP4512 Intellectual Property Protection and Management
COMP4531 Emerging Topics in FinTech
COMP4913 Capstone Project

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