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The 14th International Conference in Evolutionary Linguistics (CIEL-14) will be held during August 03-05, 2023 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. CIEL is an annual conference for researchers to report and discuss the latest progress in evolutionary linguistics.

Rooted in Darwinian theory, Evolutionary Linguistics references two evolutionary forces, biological and social, to explore two fundamental research areas, namely the emergence and development of language. From an interdisciplinary perspective, evolutionary linguistics interacts with anthropology, archeology, biology, linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, and computer science. Collaborative empirical research among these areas will make new contributions to evolutionary linguistics, both in breadth and depth. Through CIEL, we wish to promote international interaction and boost interdisciplinary collaborations. Previous CIEL conferences in Guangzhou (2009), Tianjin (2010, 2015), Shanghai (2011, 2019), Beijing (2012), Hong Kong (2013), Xiamen (2014), Indiana USA (2016), Kunming (2017), Nanjing (2018), Lanzhou (2021), and Jinan (2022) were all held in the same spirit. Conference topics may include the following:

  1. Language as a complex adaptive system;
  2. Language and population evolution;
  3. Diachronic and synchronic study of language;
  4. Dialect formation and evolution;
  5. Archaeological and fossil evidence of language evolution;
  6. Vertical and horizontal transmission of language;
  7. Language and the brain;
  8. Animal communication and human language;
  9. Genetics and language;
  10. Other language-related research.

The working languages of CIEL-14 are Mandarin and English.