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Subject List


AAE1001 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering

AAE1002 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Green Aviation and Space Economy

AAE1BN01 Introduction to Aviation Industry

AAE1BN01V Introduction to Aviation Industry

AAE1D02 Introduction to Space Exploration

AAE1D02M Introduction to Space Exploration

AAE2003 Introduction to Aircraft Systems

AAE2004 Introduction to Aviation System and Air Transport Regulation

AAE2005 Electrics and Electronic for Aeronautical Engineering

AAE2101 Engineering Communication and Fundamentals

AAE2102 Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Fundamentals

AAE3001 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics

AAE3002 Aircraft Structures and Materials

AAE3003 Aircraft Propulsion Systems

AAE3004 Dynamical Systems and Control

AAE3006 Safety, Reliability and Compliance

AAE3008 Fundamental Thermal-fluid Science

AAE3009 Operations Research and Computational Analytics in Air Transport Operations

AAE3010 Airline Operations

AAE3011 Aircraft Performance and Flight Management

AAE3012 Air Traffic Management and Airport Operations

AAE3102 Integrated Aviation Engineering Project

AAE3103 Appreciation of Aircraft Manufacturing Processes

AAE3104 Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Practice

AAE3S01 Mitigating the STEM Divide through Providing Early Aviation Experiences to Youths

AAE4001 Aviation Project Management

AAE4002 Capstone Project

AAE4004 Airworthiness and Regulations

AAE4006 Flight Mechanics and Control Systems

AAE4009 Data Science and Data-driven Optimisation in Airline and Airport Operations

AAE4011 Artificial Intelligence in Unmanned Autonomous Systems

AAE4012 Capstone Project

AAE4013 Aviation Logistics and Supply Chain Informatics

AAE4015 Advanced Accident and Hazards Analysis with Big Data in Aviation

AAE4105 Engineering Composites

AAE4107 Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Systems

AAE4108 Aircraft Inspection and Testing

AAE4109 Aircraft Maintenance Practices

AAE4110 Aircraft Propeller

AAE4111 Compressible Aerodynamics

AAE4202 Electronics & Information Technologies for Unmanned Aerial Systems

AAE4203 Guidance and Navigation

AAE4301 Avionics Systems

AAE4304 Advanced Positioning and Navigation Systems

AAE4902 Pilot Ground Theory

AAE4903 Human Factors in Aviation

AAE4904 Meteorology in Aviation

AAE5001 Guidance, Navigation and Advanced Avionics System

AAE5002 Human Factors, Accident Prevention and Aircraft Maintenance

AAE5101 Next Generation Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Flow Management

AAE5102 Operations Research, Resource Planning and Engineering Management in Aviation

AAE5103 Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Industry

AAE5105 Fleet Management and Aviation Sustainability

AAE5106 Flight Standards and Airworthiness

AAE5107 Aviation Engineering Services and Aircraft Leasing Management

AAE5201 Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics

AAE5202 Advanced Aircraft Structures and Materials

AAE5203 Aircraft Design and Certification

AAE5204 Autonomous Flight - Mechanics and Control

AAE5205 Aircraft Engine Systems and Combustion

AAE6001- 4 Research Seminar I,II,III and IV

AAE6005-6 Practicum I and II

AAE6101 Advanced Aerospace Structures and Materials

AAE6102 Satellite Communication and Navigation

AAE6103 Advanced Control Theory for Aircraft

AAE6104 Advanced High Speed Propulsion

AAE6105 Advanced Aerodynamics

AAE6106 Networked Transportation and Air Traffic Systems

AAE6201 Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

AAE6202 Mathematics and Computational Methods for Aviation Engineering Applications

AAE6203 Mathematics for Aircraft Structure Guidance Navigation and Control

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