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4 years


132 (including 23 clinical/field credits)

150 (JUPAS and non-JUPAS)

Students will be awarded the following degree upon completion of the graduation requirements:

  • BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy


Application Deadline
Non-JUPAS Year 1
International / Other Qualification
About Programme
Specific Notes
How to Apply
Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

This programme aims to nurture professionals capable of providing physiotherapy services to promote clients’ health and meet society’s healthcare needs. Our graduates possess the knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes required to practise physiotherapy reliably, ethically and effectively. They are also lifelong learners and active consumers of the professional and scientific literature, which enables them to develop in the profession through continuing education and by participating in investigative and evaluative projects. Their sense of social and professional responsibility is further reflected in their efforts to educate clients, the public and the next generation of therapists.

Programme Characteristics

The curriculum is forward-looking, with a strong scientific base. Clinical education and university-based education are integrated using the latest teaching and learning resources.

Placement Opportunities

The department trains students to develop global perspectives and actively encourages them to seize opportunities to experience life overseas. The department also fully supports students to undertake exchanges for clinical placements. Year 3/4 students can undertake 5-week clinical placements at overseas universities; in previous years, placements have been organised at universities in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Taiwan, Thailand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA.


Recognition & Prospects

Professional Recognition

Graduates are eligible to register with the Physiotherapists Board of Hong Kong.

Career Prospects

Our graduates have a high rate of employment and a wide range of career options, from positions in acute care hospitals, special schools, and homes for the elderly to community settings and private practice.

Physiotherapists can specialise, take up managerial positions, or become involved in clinical education and research. Opportunities are also available for higher degree studies, such as in MSc, MPhil or PhD programmes.

Graduates fulfil the normal entry requirements for the position of Physiotherapist II for the Hospital Authority, private organisations (private hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes and homes for the elderly), the Department of Health, the Education Bureau (special schools, early education and training centres), subvented non-government organisations and the Social Welfare Department (community centres, sheltered workshops and special childcare centres).



This is a 4-year full-time programme that involves university-based study and clinical education. The programme comprises four main groups of subjects: basic sciences, professional studies, clinical education and the University Core Curriculum. Clinical education is provided in the form of clinical placements in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, special schools, and institutions for the elderly. Students can also choose to take a Minor programme or free Electives according to their needs, aspirations and abilities.


Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at

Credit Required for Graduation

132 (including 23 clinical/field credits)

Scheme/Programme Leader(s)

Dr Arnold Wong

Entrance Requirements

Please click here to view the entrance requirements for non-JUPAS applicants.


Other Information

  • Preference is given to applicants who are able to communicate effectively in Chinese (i.e. spoken Cantonese) and English.
  • Applicants with good results in science subjects (Biology and/or Physics) are preferred.
  • Applicants should be fit within the normal range in fulfiling the physical requirements of physiotherapy practice.

For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel.: 27665399/ 27666719; email:

Student Message

I used to dream to become a physiotherapist. I admire physiotherapists who can apply their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to facilitate patients’ recovery and to enhance patients’ quality of life. This program creates a unique environment for us to integrate the eastern and western medical knowledge in our learning. It not only broadens our knowledge and skills but also prepares us to develop an all-rounded professional learning attitude to cope with the constantly changing working environment. Through tailored course contents, practical sessions, and over 1000 hours of clinical placements at different settings, this course has equipped me with the basic knowledge and skills to face challenges in the rehabilitation field, as well as has laid the foundation for my life-long learning journey.

Au Yi Ka, Rachel

Looking back on my two years enrolled in the BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy programme, I am very proud to say that applying to this programme was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Its well structured courses will support my future development as a professional physiotherapist.

One of the most impressive aspects of this programme is its excellent arrangement of subjects. Subjects such as functional anatomy and rehabilitation psychology give us a wide range of fundamental knowledge necessary for various clinical subjects in the later years. The clinical subjects fall into three major specialties (musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiopulmonary). All of these courses are taught in a mixed format, comprising lectures, tutorials, and practical sessions. This gives students a comprehensive understanding of how to treat various types of patients in the future. Finally, the programme offers over 1,000 hours’ worth of clinical placements in various clinical settings. These placements prepare students to apply the knowledge they have learned in real patient settings.

Ho Tsz Him Edwin

I am grateful to be a part of the PolyU family, particularly as a student in the BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy programme. Embarking on this journey of studying physiotherapy fills me with immense excitement. As a dedicated full-time athlete, I have personally witnessed and experienced various types of injuries. This firsthand exposure has ignited my passion for understanding the human body and its healing process. Thus, I am genuinely thrilled to have the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive range of knowledge, from theoretical concepts found in textbooks to practical skills that will prove invaluable during my placements.

In addition to my studies, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to represent PolyU in the USFHK Annual Athletic Meet. It is an incredible experience to don the iconic red race suit and compete on behalf of the university. Witnessing the solidarity and camaraderie among teammates as they cheer and support one another is truly inspiring.

Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to travel around the world and participate in various competitions, proudly representing Hong Kong. I am deeply grateful for the unwavering support that the school provides to its athletes, enabling me to pursue my dreams of excelling both as an athlete and a future physiotherapist simultaneously.

Reflecting upon this fruitful year, I am eagerly anticipating the exciting journey that lies ahead of me at PolyU.

Yip Tak Long
Interview Arrangement

To assess the suitability of applicants for the programme and the profession, and to evaluate their motivation, aptitude, social awareness and communication skills in Chinese and English.

Date of Interview
After the announcement of HKDSE results

1 hour

Group interview and discussion

Only Band A applicants will be shortlisted and invited for interview.

LocalNon-JUPAS Year 1
Additional Documents Required
Personal Statement

Required (Please download the form here.)

Transcript / Certificate



Optional (Any other documents to support the application)

Interview Arrangement

To assess the suitability of applicants for the programme and the profession, and to evaluate their motivation, aptitude, social awareness and communication skills in Chinese and English.

Date of Interview
Between December and June

About 15-30 minutes

Individual interview
  • The selection criteria for interview are academic grades that meet the minimum requirements set by the University and previous courses attended being of relevance to physiotherapy.
Non-LocalInternational / Other Qualification
Additional Documents Required
Personal Statement
Transcript / Certificate



Any other documents to support the application (optional)







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