General Entrance Requirements

For those who are applying on the basis of A-Level qualifications:



Applicants who gain admission, typically, attain at least 1A2B in 3 AL subjects.


For those who are applying on the basis of International Baccalaureate (IB)#:



Applicants who gain admission, typically, attain an IB score 32 or above out of 45. For competitive programmes under the Health Sciences discipline, applicants usually attain an IB score of at least 36.


For those who are applying on the basis of other qualifications:


  • An appropriate Diploma passed with credit or an appropriate Higher Certificate from a recognised institution;  
  • An appropriate Associate Degree / Higher Diploma from a recognised institution*;  
  • Holder of other non-local qualifications (please refer to our Guidelines on Non-local Qualifications for more details about our general requirements for such qualifications) AND satisfy the English Language Requirement.


Applicants who gain admission, typically, attain a GPA between 3.2 and 3.7. For competitive programmes under the Business discipline, applicants usually attain a GPA of at least 3.7.


* Applicants with Associate Degree / Higher Diploma from recognised institutions applying for 1st year entry may be granted credit transfer at a maximum of 25% of the credit requirement of a 4-year full-time undergraduate degree scheme / programme. For those who would like to seek senior year admission to PolyU’s degree programmes and follow a reduced curriculum of 60 to 70 credits, please click here for more details.


# Applicants with A-Level / IB qualifications, or the equivalent, may be granted a maximum of 25% credit transfer for the award requirement. Each case will be considered based on individual merits.


Please note that our places are government-funded places which are intended primarily for admission of school leavers or those who have not yet attained degree qualifications. Applications from those who are studying a degree programme or already possess a degree or above qualification will be considered on a case-by-case basis.