Students Under 18
International / Other Qualifications

As students under 18 do not have the full legal capacity to enter into contracts or give valid consent, consent from their parents / guardians will be sought, upon the students' acceptance of our offers, for them to select schemes / programmes, enrol in subjects (including cross-institutional subjects), reside in Student Halls of Residence, participate in the University's academic or non-academic activities such as internships, placements, community services, the student ambassador or helper scheme, local and offshore exchanges, study tours or visits, sporting events and experiential camps held locally, on the Chinese mainland or overseas, and make any related decisions.


Parents should note that, unlike secondary schools, university students have no regular, fixed class timetable. Instead, students attend classes according to the subjects in which they have enrolled, and they are free to leave the campus any time they have no classes to attend. The University keeps no central records of students' attendance or activities. Additionally, there is no special zone for students under 18 in the University's Student Halls of Residence and they will share rooms and facilities with other students. Parents are advised to discuss with their children the behavior that is appropriate outside the University and the suitability of their staying in the Student Halls, if applicable. Please click here for more guidelines on student life.


As with all students, those under 18 must abide by the regulations stipulated in the Student Handbook. The University has the right to inform parents of their children's academic performance, disciplinary actions, changes in residential status in the Student Halls, or any issues concerning students’ health, safety or financial problems and warranting parental attention.


The parents / guardians of students under 18 will be requested to sign and return a Letter of Consent to the University upon students' acceptance of our offers and before they complete their registration procedures at the University.


For non-local students under 18, their parents are also required to authorise either an adult staying in Hong Kong or PolyU to be the local guardian who serves as the sole contact person in Hong Kong in the case of communication with the immigration authorities, emergencies or other situations that may arise.