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4 years


120 (plus 3 training credits)

  • The credit requirements of this scheme are indicative only. They are subject to review.
  • All students must complete a short work placement during their studies, either in summer or during the semester. The Department provides assistance in finding suitable placements.
  • Students will be awarded one of the following awards upon successful completion of the graduation requirements of the programme concerned:
    • BBA (Hons) in Management
    • BBA (Hons) in Marketing

*Students are subject to further assessment criteria. Students’ own choice, GPA and individual subject results at the end of their Year One study will also be considered.

  • The option of Secondary Major in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is available to the students of BBA (Hons) in Management, and BBA (Hons) in Marketing.  Admission to the Secondary Major is on competitive basis and subject to a different credit requirement for graduation.  Please see “Secondary Major Details” section. 


Application Deadline
Non-JUPAS Year 1
International / Other Qualification
About Programme
Specific Notes
How to Apply
Aims & Characteristics

Programme Aims

Learning and teaching are our core activities. We are committed to nurturing our students’ professional competence and supporting their all-round development.


Students complete some General University Requirements core and fundamental business subjects at an early stage. They then choose one of the following awards as their specialism for graduation. 


BBA (Hons) in Management

Management skills are required by all business professionals. As an area of study, management is concerned with how to get the best out of people and other resources.


This programme provides students with a well-rounded business education and training in general management, along with the opportunity to specialise in human resource management. Students are equipped with a wide range of management skills to give them the potential to develop as business leaders in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the region.


BBA (Hons) in Marketing

This programme provides students with a well-rounded business education; competence in the analysis, planning, implementation and control of marketing decisions; analytical ability and research competence; the ability to communicate, interact and intervene in the integrative role that is ascribed to marketing; appreciation of the responsibilities of marketing professionals within broader environmental and international contexts; and literacy in the use of information systems and technology that is relevant to marketing.


All students within the Faculty of Business are encouraged to participate in a range of extracurricular activities, such as leadership training camps, peer tutoring, and mentorship.

If students wish, and subject to availability, they can spend a semester studying at another university overseas or in mainland China, with the credits counted towards their PolyU degree.


Work-Integrated Education (WIE)

To graduate, every student must complete 100 hours (3 training credits) of WIE. The Department offers opportunities for students to work in firms either during the summer vacation or alongside their studies. Summer placements may be available in Hong Kong, in mainland China or overseas. These and other forms of work experience count towards the WIE requirement.


Characteristics of Scheme-based Admission

Students first follow a common curriculum under the Scheme.


It offers students approximately one year to identify their area(s) of interest and career aspirations, which facilitates their Major programme selection.


The decision to admit a student to a Major programme will be made by the Department based on the student’s choice, overall GPA of Year One study, and individual subject results (i.e., MM2021 Management and Organisation and MM2711 Introduction to Marketing). Students will be asked to indicate their choices of Major programme during Semester 2 of their Year One study for the Department’s consideration and approval.


In the event of oversubscription for any of the programmes, the number of students admitted to that programme will be capped at 60% of the number of students in the respective years.


Recognition & Prospects

Professional Recognition

BBA (Hons) in Management

  1. Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM):

  • Graduates of the BBA (Hons) in Management are eligible to apply for Associate Membership of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM), provided that they have passed, in addition to the Core Subjects, at least any THREE of the specialist subjects under the HRM concentration, including International Human Resource Management, Employee Relations, Training and Development, Reward and Performance Management, Staffing and Selection.

  1. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA):

  • Exemption from Entry Level: Operational Level Objective Test papers: E1, P1, F1

* Recognition is subject to accreditation assessment.


BBA (Hons) in Marketing

  1. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • BBA(Hons) in Marketing students are eligible to apply for CIM Affiliate Studying Membership and gain access to a wide range of membership benefits and online resources.

* Recognition is subject to accreditation assessment.


Career Prospects

The multidisciplinary nature of these programmes, which foster knowledge and skills in general management, managerial leadership, human resources management, marketing, advertising and digital marketing, maximises the employment opportunities available to graduates. Graduates can take up a wide variety of general management and administrative positions, including those of management trainee, training official, and recruitment official, in various areas, such as customer services, public relations, and consumer affairs and protection.


All programmes under the Scheme have the following structure:

  • General University Requirements (GUR)

  • Compulsory Core subjects for all programmes under the Scheme

  • Discipline-specific subjects

  • Free Electives


Year 1 covers the University’s Compulsory Core subjects and fundamental business subjects, along with Broadening subjects and Language and Communication Requirements subjects. This wide exposure to business, management, and marketing disciplines helps students to make an informed choice of award (specialism) for graduation.


From Year 2 onwards, students follow the curriculums of their selected Major programmes. They also have the chance to apply their knowledge through a year-long Capstone Project in their final year of study.

Secondary Major Details

The option of Secondary Major in AI and Data Analytics (AIDA) is available to the students admitted to the two programmes under the BBA (Hons) Scheme in Management and Marketing.



The curriculum structure of our programmes with a Secondary Major in AIDA is as follows:

  Management Marketing
Discipline-Specific Requirements (DSR) 87 credits 87 credits
Secondary Major Requirements (SMR) 36 credits 36 credits
General University Requirements (GUR) 30 credits 30 credits
Minimum credit requirements for graduation At least 132 credits At least 132 credits


9 credits of GUR subjects and 12 credits of SMR subjects can be fulfilled by completing the relevant DSR subjects.


Students are also required to complete 3 training credits in Work-Integrated Education (WIE) in order to graduate.


The 87 credits of DSR in Management + AIDA include 81 credits of compulsory subjects and 6 credits of elective subjects, and those in Marketing + AIDA include 84 credits of compulsory subjects and 3 credits of elective subjects.



Students enjoy the same professional recognition as their counterparts in the respective regular full Major.


Credit Required for Graduation

120 (plus 3 training credits)

Scheme/Programme Leader(s)

BBA (Hons) in Management

Programme Leader

Dr CHAN Chi-hong Simon
BA (Hons), M.Phil, PhD (PolyU)

Deputy Programme Leader

Dr KO Chi-chung Stephen
BSocSc (Hons), LLM, MBA (CUHK), PhD (PolyU)


BBA (Hons) in Marketing

Programme Leader

Dr TAM Lai-ming Jackie
BSc (Hons) (London), MSc (Warwick), PhD (Aston)

Deputy Programme Leader

Dr CHAN Ting Yan Winslet
BA (Hons), PhD (PolyU)

Scheme/Programme List Remarks

Award(s) available in this scheme:

  • BBA (Hons) in Management
  • BBA (Hons) in Marketing
Subject Area
Management and Marketing (Management / Marketing)
Entrance Requirements

Please click here to view the entrance requirements for international applicants.


For further programme information, please contact:

The General Office (tel.: 2766 7361/2766 7374; email:

Student Message

Since my freshman year, studying Management at PolyU has given me a strong sense of belonging. The orientation camp, ongoing guidance and caring support provided by the school have really helped me to deal with my anxiety about new challenges and the unknown. The course design covers a wide spectrum of subjects, and the challenging coursework has developed my learning capacity. Most importantly, I have had many opportunities to share ideas, insights and knowledge with brilliant people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The Department provides useful resources and opportunities, including business competitions, communities, international congresses, exchange programmes and work opportunities, which have enriched my extracurricular life and enabled me to develop the practical skills essential in the real business world and build my own social networks. My four years' study at PolyU have been both challenging and fruitful, and I am sincerely grateful to all of the amazing professors and students at PolyU for giving me this memorable university experience.

Chen Shih-ya

I have had many opportunities to explore the real world of business during my studies at the Department of Management and Marketing in the Faculty of Business. Work-Integrated Education (WIE) provided me with the opportunity to work for a Hong Kong-based business for one year and acquire hands-on experience in marketing and related fields.

The experienced academic advisors were extremely helpful. When I was selecting a Minor programme, my academic advisor gave me valuable advice, which helped me to make an informed decision. The professors were very supportive, and often available for consultation. The small class size allows teachers to give each student sufficient attention, and every student has the opportunity to consult with teachers about any issue. The training workshops and resources provided by the Office of Careers and Placement Services (CAPS) also helped us prepare for our future careers.

The extensive resources available to support the personal development and growth of students are also extremely useful. In my third year of study, I participated in the Generation Next: Global Leadership Programme. Professionals from Dale Carnegie Training were invited to train students in public speaking and leadership skills. Throughout the programme, I not only improved my soft skills, but also had the opportunity to work on a social enterprise project with my schoolmates. After I completed the programme, I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the Study Trip to Tokyo sponsored by the Faculty of Business.

Studying at PolyU's Department of Management and Marketing was invaluable for my personal and professional development. The ample resources of the faculty and the generous support from its members have equipped me well, and I am now confident to go on to my next stage of professional development.

Wang Tingting

I believe that in life, the best teacher to learn from is hands-on experience. During my 4 years in the PolyU Management programme, I have participated in many activities that have let me step out of my comfort zone and taught me essential things in life. There are numerous opportunities to choose from, allowing you to explore your interests in different industries, ranging from overseas volunteering to competitions to funding for student-intitiated projects that allow students to develop, execute, and evaluate year-long independent research.

In my first year at PolyU, I went on a 2-week service trip to Cambodia to help build solar panel stations for the local villages there. This was a heartwarming experience that led me and my friends to initiate a student-initiated project, funded by the PolyU International Affairs Office, to run campaigns and seminars at PolyU and in Canada in my second year. I was also chosen to represent PolyU at a fully funded international conference, the University Scholars Leadership Symposium held by the Department of Humanitarian Affairs in the United Nations Bangkok. In my third year, I participated in an academic student exchange programme at one of the best business schools in the world, Copenhagen Business School, which allowed me to broaden my horizens and explore the Danish culture and education system, which is one of the best in the world. I also participated in the annual Dale Carnegie x Faculty of Business Competition, at which we had to come up with a concrete business plan and present it in front of the judges. This was an amazing experience that honed our public speaking, critical thinking and leadership skills. This will be useful for my future career path. I was recognised as one of the Best Presenters, and as a reward received professional training from Dale Carnegie Training and a fully-funded study trip to London and Bristol.

I am very thankful every time I look back and realise how much PolyU offered me - more than just a degree and academic learning. The experiences that I had at PolyU allowed me to do so much that I didn't know I was capable of, and helped me to become the person I am today, ready to face all upcoming challenges. I highly recommend that fellow international and local students try it themselves. Thank you for the 4 amazing years, PolyU! 

Hillary Susanto

The programme emphasises both in-class learning and extracurricular activities. Most importantly, students are encouraged to participate in different competitions, exchange programmes and internships to broaden their global vision and gain exposure to various perspectives. For instance, we participated in the Work-Integrated Education (WIE) programme as one of our graduation requirements. I truly appreciate the arrangement of the WIE programme, as it allowed us to experience the real corporate world while contributing tangibly to the industry and community. By doing so, I gained a better understanding of the Hong Kong working environment and culture.

As an international student from Malaysia, coping with student life in Hong Kong was not easy at first. However, I met many helpful and supportive people at PolyU. I received so much support from my programme leaders, teachers, classmates, the Department and the University. They encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and provided me with lots of useful advice. I have also participated in the Professional Mentorship Programme (PMP) for the last two years. The PMP gives us opportunities to build connections with experienced practitioners and develop a better personal profile in our future careers. My mentors offered me numerous professional recommendations, which were very helpful in my job hunting and interviews.

In summary, studying abroad at PolyU, Hong Kong, and particularly choosing the BBA(Hons) in Management as my major, was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Thank you so much for this positive learning experience. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead!

Chan Shook Kwan

As an international student from the Netherlands, I truly feel that PolyU was the perfect fit for me. I spent four of the best years of my life here and I owe a significant part of this to the Management and Marketing Department. From the administrative staff to the professors and my fellow students, everyone was kind and helpful, and their support allowed me to grow not just academically, but also as a person.

PolyU has many students and staff from different cultural backgrounds with whom you interact, allowing you to continuously learn from each other. This helped me to prepare for the culturally diverse professional working environment in Hong Kong. The university recognises the importance of learning from people with different backgrounds and provides you with lots of opportunities and support to go abroad if you wish. I made use of this and completed my Work-Integrated Education internship in Shanghai, where I was able to build my professional experience along with learning about the culture and language. I am profoundly grateful for all of the friends I made from around the world thanks to PolyU.

The BBA(Hons) in Management programme gave me all of the confidence, academic knowledge and interpersonal skills that I will need in my career, and I would recommend it to anyone interested, wherever you are in the world.

I really enjoyed my academic life at PolyU and I indeed gained a lot during these four years.

Manon Bertens

Studying business administration in Hong Kong provides international students with a tremendous advantage. Students can relate what they study to what they see happening in the booming consumer and financial-based economy here. The university has also worked with numerous companies and organizations to offer events and internships that provide students with relevant experience and exposure. The university’s priority of developing students professionally, academically and ethically has a definite positive effect on the preparation of every individual's future career path.

The student exchange programme provided me with the invaluable experience of discovering an alternative way of life on the other side of the globe for an extended period of time. Such insights and understanding of another culture cannot be obtained as a tourist, but only as an individual who devotes a significant amount of time living in that location.

The exchange programme had no doubt opened my eyes to the wonders of the world, particularly in Europe, as well as opened up countless options for my future career in terms of cultural and business knowledge in the geographical region. The network I built as an international student at PolyU, and as an exchange student in Norway, is my most treasured social investment for my future career.

Chan Fan Hui Johnny

Throughout my life, I have aspired to become a leader. Here at PolyU, interacting and networking with individuals from various backgrounds and cultures have become my lifestyle, and the Faculty of Business has fully supported my academic, professional and entrepreneurial aspirations.

It is difficult to say exactly which experience was the most meaningful and impactful for my personal development - an exchange to Spain, acting as a president of the Entrepreneurship Society, meeting my dearest friends and family here, or participating in student competitions, hackathons and case studies. Surprisingly, at the end of these miraculous four years, I have found that I have developed PolyU's own values - collaboration, innovation and courage in everything I do.

Thanks to PolyU, I have come ever closer to my dream of becoming a person who never stops learning and never stops contributing to society. I am beyond grateful to the University and, in particular, to our supportive and welcoming faculty, who have made living in Hong Kong as a foreigner so effortless and warm.

Ainur Kubasheva

The BBA(Hons) in Management emphasises the development of both professional knowledge and practical skills, enabling us to widen our global outlook and gain extensive exposure to various business perspectives over four years. Students can participate in sharing sessions and competitions run by well-known organisations and guest speakers, such as the global leadership programme co-hosted with Dale Carnegie Training. I couldn’t be more grateful for the training session offered by Dale Carnegie, which taught me to turn ideas into solutions through teamwork and improve my pitching skills. Besides, the diverse culture and competitive academic environment of Hong Kong allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, and most importantly to learn and grow with my peers. PolyU also provides many internship, exchange study and social service experiences, giving us hands-on experience in our fields of choice. Supported by the Faculty and PolyU, I was able to pursue exchange studies in Sweden. This not only broadened my knowledge but also introduced me to different ways of thinking. The whole experience prepared me well for my future career, as Hong Kong taught me always to be optimistic and proactive. Thank you for my rewarding university life!

Chong Ai Ning, Irene

Of all of my experiences, in Malaysia, Hong Kong and all over the world, my time at PolyU has been one of the most valuable. PolyU nurtures talent and promotes balanced development in all areas. You will never run out of activities, programmes or workshops to upgrade your skills and help you remain abreast of developments in the market.

My major is the BBA(Hons) in Management. The programme has equipped me with industry-relevant knowledge that has landed me two internships in multinational companies over the last four years. The curriculum is also designed to maximise students’ exposure to society. I have had the opportunity to join an international student exchange programme in Germany, volunteer in rural China and connect with industry experts through the Professional Mentorship Program (PMP). As a seasonal athlete, I have also served on the PolyU sports team, giving me fascinating insights into the competitive sports environment of Hong Kong.

I have met people from all around the world and experienced Hong Kong the “local” way, with help from local Hong Kong students. This was an exciting cultural-exchange experience. Without the support, encouragement and help I received from my peers and the university staff, none of my achievements would have been possible. I am grateful to PolyU, and I am ready for the next milestone ahead.

PolyU, my thanks are just for you.

Lim Yin Yin, Rabbit

My experience at PolyU was truly fruitful, with great classmates from different cultural backgrounds. With warm encouragement and support from our professors, I became more confident in challenging myself, gaining not only practical knowledge but also a mindset conducive to learning. The BBA(Hons) in Management programme was challenging but rewarding, allowing me to strive for continuous personal development as well as academic excellence. I had the invaluable opportunity to join an internship programme in Moscow and study in Denmark, thanks to the support of the School and Department. This broadened my horizons and equipped me with multiple perspectives. My achievements exceeded my expectations. I always felt that our professors were willing to help and support us. I sincerely thank the knowledgeable professors and lecturers for guiding us to achieve academic excellence and prepare for our future careers.

Song Inhee
Interview Arrangement

To evaluate applicants' academic potential, motivation and suitability for the programme.

Date of Interview
In June

30 minutes

Group interview

​Selected applicants will be invited for interview. No make-up interviews or earlier interviews will be arranged for applicants who fail to attend the scheduled interviews.

LocalNon-JUPAS Year 1
Additional Documents Required
Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

To evaluate applicants' academic potential, motivation and suitability for the programme.

Date of Interview
Between November 2023 and March 2024

10 minutes

Individual interview (online)

Selected applicants will be invited for interview.

Non-LocalInternational / Other Qualification
Additional Documents Required
Transcript / Certificate


Interview Arrangement

To evaluate applicants' academic potential, motivation and suitability for the programme.

Date of Interview
Between November 2023 and March 2024

10 minutes

Individual interview (online)

Selected applicants will be invited for interview.