The University is pleased to be awarded funding from the University Grants Committee (UGC) for seven research projects recently. The total funding granted to PolyU exceeds HK$100 million. Two of the projects aim to address issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the other five focus on various high impact research areas.


At PolyU, we are committed to leveraging our academic strength, research expertise and global network to transform research breakthroughs and innovations into real-world solutions and applications. Through our interdisciplinary research, we are dedicated to expanding human knowledge, addressing societal needs and making a positive impact on the world.


The seven PolyU research projects are as follows:


Research Grants Council (RGC) - Areas of Excellence Scheme 2020/21 (Ninth Round)
ProjectProject CoordinatorAmount
Awarded (HK$)
Meta-optics, meta-acoustics and meta-devicesProfessor Tsai Din-Ping,
Department of Electronic and Information Engineering


Research Impact Fund 2020/21
ProjectProject CoordinatorAmount
Awarded (HK$)
Wearable closed-loop neural control “Remind-to-move” treatment for hemiparetic upper extremity in people with hemiplegia after strokeProfessor Fong Nai-kuen Kenneth,
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences


Collaborative Research Fund 2020/21 - Collaborative Research Project Grant
ProjectProject CoordinatorAmount
Awarded (HK$)
Development of next-generation key technologies for smart buildingsProfessor Wang Shengwei,
Department of Building Services Engineering
Durable and high-performance zinc-air flow batteries for energy storageProfessor Ni Meng,
Department of Building and Real Estate


Collaborative Research Fund 2020/21 - Collaborative Research Equipment Grant
ProjectProject CoordinatorAmount
Awarded (HK$)
A super-resolution fluorescence microscopy platform for live-cell and animal-tissue imagingProfessor Leung Yun-chung Thomas,
Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology


One-off Collaborative Research Fund Exercise Group Research
ProjectProject CoordinatorAmount
Awarded (HK$)
Effective ventilation strategies for mitigating infection risks in hospitalsDr Mui Kwok-wai Horace,
Department of Building Services Engineering
Multi-level synergistic COVID-19 point-of-care diagnostics based on upconversion luminescence biosensing platformProfessor Hao Jianhua,
Department of Applied Physics


The UGC and RGC have just announced the allocation of another one-off funding scheme of HK$100 million under the Collaborative Research Fund to support the UGC-funded sector in conducting more collaborative research projects related to COVID-19 and other novel infectious diseases. The application submission deadline is 22 February 2021.