At PolyU, we’re committed to promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, and our staff and students have been actively engaging in various projects on STEM-related disciplines, to facilitate teaching and learning at the secondary school level. We are thrilled to share that a project team from the Department of Applied Physics has introduced their latest work, “Borderless Lab 365: A student-centered learning science experiment platform to enhance STEM education for secondary students”, to several local secondary schools.


As an updated and enhanced version of “Remote Lab”, an earlier project led by the same team, “Borderless Lab 365” provides remote web-based access to different experiments, where users can perform real-time control of the experiment set-ups residing at PolyU. The results of the experiments will also be available to users in real-time.


The project was supported by the Quality Education Fund. The team has conducted a briefing and demonstration for the media recently, to explain the innovative efforts the team has invested in the project, and how the “Borderless Lab” actually operates.


To learn more about this platform, please take a look at the following media reports:


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