Around 120 vocabularies will be introduced in the whole treatment programme. Students will learn the rules for Chinese writing through exposure to different constituent parts of Chinese characters. New vocabulary will be introduced and learnt words will also be revised in each session. The treatment will be carried out through different games. Home practice will also be given to parents for home training after each session. In addition, there will be two parent training sessions, which are conducted by speech therapist to explain the theory of treatment programme and answer questions of parents.

The AWA treatment will consist of 12 sessions. Details are as follow:

  • pre-assessment
  • 10 treatment sessions (2 hours). There will be probe test after each session to monitor children's progress so that treatment plan for next session can be decided.
  • post-assessment




Person in Charge

The whole treatment programme will be supervised by Dr. Leung Man Tak. Student speech therapists will help to implement the programme



  • Parents must be present during the treatment session
  • Sportswear is preferred for children as treatment programme may involve games with large motion
  • Content of each session will base on the previous session. Thus, home training is very important and parents should try the best to attend each session.