Dr. CaiCai Zhang


I am a neurolinguist and psycholinguist whose work centers on the neurobiology of language. I use behavioral and neuroimaging techniques (EEG and fMRI) to investigate how speech sounds are processed and represented in the brain of both normal and disordered populations. I use lexical tone as a window to look into these issues. There are three major topics in my current research: (1) the relationship of language and music, from the perspective of how congenital amusia, an innate musical disorder, affects tone processing in Chinese speakers and its intervention; (2) neural mechanisms of how listeners accommodate speaker variability in tone perception; (3) neural mechanisms of the encoding of tone sandhi in Mandarin Chinese and other Chinese dialects. Recently I’m starting to look at the neural deficits of language processing in Chinese speakers with specific language impairment. I have published 19 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including NeuroImage, Neuropsychologia, and Brain and Language.