Main Concept Analysis for Oral Discourse Production

About Main Concept Analysis for Oral Discourse


Training workshops

In order to be a certified user to administer the test, s/he must be one of the following professionals:

  • Speech Therapist/Pathologist,
  • Educational Psychologist,
  • Clinical Psychologist,
  • Registered Research Psychologist,
  • Researcher with a PhD degree,

and must complete a training workshop. Each user will receive a MCA Certification after the training workshop.

The Speech Therapy Unit will organize training workshop every year. Interested professional may read the information posted on “Latest News” or join us at Facebook.


Certified User

MCA Provider and User


Purchase Main Concept Analysis for Oral Discourse (MCA)

Certified users of the MCA can purchase the test after the training workshop. Please bring along a copy of your user certificate, together with a crossed cheque with the amount of HK$2000 made payable to “The Hong Kong Polytechnic University”, to our Speech Therapy Clinic at EF701 of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.