Ms Yeung Ho Yi Olivia


Ms Olivia Yeung graduated from the University of Hong Kong BSc(Speech and Hearing Sciences) and started to work as speech therapist since 2004. After graduation, she has worked as a speech therapist in non-government organizations (Special Child Care Centre, Early Education and Training Centre) and private sector. She has involved in carrying out a broad spectrum of clinical and administrative duties, such as conducting clinical assessments, providing educational talks to parents, teachers and caregivers, liaising with mainstream school’s principals and EDB supervisors, and supervising student clinicians from the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences in HKU to provide assessment and treatment sessions.


In addition, Ms Yeung also involved in researches about aphasia treatment. In 2009, she was awarded Master of Philosophy in HKU. The research experience made her understand more about different treatment methods of communication disorders. It also helps to increase the efficacy of communication rehabilitation training.


Ms Yeung keeps abreast to the current treatment approaches by attending related workshops and seminars. She is a qualified administer of HKCOLAS (The Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Assessment Scale), HKGCNT (Hong Kong Graded Character Naming Test). She is a member of the HKAST (Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists).


Ms Yeung is fluent in Cantonese and English.