Ms Yau Siu Kwan Teresa


Ms Yau Siu Kwan graduated from the University of Hong Kong BSc(Speech and Hearing Sciences) and started to work as speech therapist since 2003. After graduation, she has worked as a speech therapist in non-government organizations (Early Education and Training Centre, District-Based Speech Therapy Team) and private sector. She has involved in carrying out a broad spectrum of clinical and administrative duties, ranging from conducting clinical assessments to liaising with mainstream school’s principals and supervisors, and from preparing seminars for teachers to developing speech training kits (發音無限FUN 教材套).

While working full-time, Ms Yau started her part-time counseling study. In 2007, she was also awarded Master of Social Sciences in Counselling (with distinction) in HKU. The counseling skills learnt not only enable her to acquire a better understanding of the service users, but also enlightens her to employ a more holistic treatment approach.

Ms Yau keeps abreast to the current treatment approaches by attending related workshops and seminars. She is a Beckman Oral Motor trained Speech Pathologist, a qualified administer of HKCOLAS (The Hong Kong Cantonese Oral Language Assessment Scale) and HKGCNT (Hong Kong Graded Character Naming Test).

She is the member of HKAST (Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists) and HKPCA (The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association).

Ms Yau is fluent in Cantonese and English.