In light of the complicated environmental and social challenges facing the world today, the University established the Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Geomatics (RCAIG) to leverage geospatial artificial intelligence (GeoAI) technologies to provide solutions for various issues, including transportation, urban and public safety, planning, climate change, and natural disasters.


Led by Professor Weng Qihao, Chair Professor of Geomatics and Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, and Global STEM Professor, the new RCAIG focuses on developing original and innovative AI methodologies and technologies for geomatics and their applications in urban areas.


Additionally, RCAIG provides a collaborative platform for PolyU researchers and actively engages with stakeholders in government, industry, and communities to promote knowledge transfer and cooperation. With the goal of becoming a global research and development (R&D) hub in GeoAI, RCAIG is dedicated to research in diverse fields, including urban building and energy, urban safety and security, environmental monitoring and conservation, urban resilience, and public health. These research efforts align with the 11th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, which aims to create inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements.


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For Professor Weng Qihao’s research focus, please watch the Meet PolyU Academician video: