Unveiling the PolyU-Jinjiang Technology and Innovation Research Institute:  A new frontier in collaboration

Established in September 2023, the PolyU–Jinjiang Technology and Innovation Research Institute marks the University’s first translational research institute beyond the Greater Bay Area, forging a new path in the realm of technological advancements.


In a recent interview with Jinjiang TV, Professor Yu Changyuan, Director of the PolyU-Jinjiang Technology and Innovation Research Institute (the Institute), shared the latest developments of this endeavour.


At the First Jinjiang Matchmaking Conference on Scientific & Technological Innovations, held in Jinjiang in April 2024, Professor Yu introduced the Institute’s research and collaborations with local enterprises. With a keen focus on projects relevant to Jinjiang’s local industrial enterprises, the Institute aims to contribute tangible, impactful projects to the region’s industries and businesses.


“PolyU is honoured to be the first institute of a Hong Kong university established in Fujian and to have had the opportunity of joining the Conference,” Professor Yu said. “We are eager to identify potential partners in textiles and other industries and foster in-depth collaboration.”


Professor Christopher Chao, Vice President (Research and Innovation), also shared with Jinjiang TV the Institute’s potential in partnering with Jinjiang industries, especially in the areas of advanced food technology, microelectronics, textiles and clothing. Capitalising on PolyU’s strong scientific research capabilities in diverse fields, the Institute is poised to make an impact in these industries.


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