Harnessing its excellence in research and knowledge transfer, PolyU has established strategic partnerships and research institutes in cities in Mainland China. These partnerships amalgamate PolyU's and its partners' strengths to foster research innovations for the scientific and economic growth of the Nation.


Driving development of offshore wind power technology with Yangjiang researchers

PolyU recently signed an agreement with Yangjiang Offshore Wind Energy Laboratory (the Laboratory) to establish the PolyU–Yangjiang Laboratory Joint Research Centre for Offshore Wind Power. PolyU and Yangjiang researchers will share resources and laboratory facilities, engage in joint research projects on new technologies and materials for offshore wind power applications, and translate research outcomes into practical engineering solutions for the industry. Additionally, the Laboratory will bring together top experts from Mainland universities to conduct research on fundamental science and applied and core technology in offshore wind power.


Joining forces to develop the textile industry in Ganzhou and Hong Kong

Similarly, our strategic collaborative framework agreement with Ganzhou Municipal Government and Xingguo County Government in Jiangxi province will promote the high-quality development of the textile industry in Ganzhou and Hong Kong. Through the PolyU–Xingguo Textiles Technology and Innovation Research Institute, we seek to promote in-depth and effective development of industry-university-research collaboration. The Institute will support the innovative development of the textile industry in Ganzhou and its counties, while creating further opportunities for PolyU in terms of education, research and translation of research into innovative outcomes.