PolyU's School of Fashion and Textiles (SFT), with its more than 65 years of history, has a unique role to play in the fashion and textiles industry in Hong Kong. Professor Erin Cho, Dean of SFT, shares her insights with two prominent media, Women's Wear Daily and The Beat Asia, about Hong Kong's unique position in bringing positive change in the fashion supply chain. She also emphasises the importance of combining technology and sustainability to create long-term planetary benefits.


Professor Cho sees a wealth of potential in the School’s ability to contribute to sustainable practices. “At SFT, one of our key priorities in teaching and research is sustainable fashion. It serves as a guiding principle in our approach to managing our social and environmental impact,” she said.


As fashion is multifaceted, the School’s curriculum covers various aspects, including materials, fiber science, textiles, supply chain, design, technology, etc. It is structured into strategic areas such as wearable and smart textiles, costume and culture design, with a significant focus on science-based, human-centred approaches.


Education is regarded as the first step in advocating for a human-centered and social impact-driven approach to design. For instance, by organising competitions like "Fashion the Future," which focuses on upcycling textile waste into new creative designs, the School encourages innovation and the creation of unique and sustainable fashion while addressing the issue of textile waste.


By fostering an understanding of fashion's environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices, the School aims to shape a new generation of devoted, well-informed leaders who drive positive change in the industry and beyond.


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