The Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, will deliver his second Policy Address on 25 October, and the HKSAR Government launched a public consultation for the Chief Executive's 2023 Policy Address on 31 July. The PolyU Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology (PReCIT) recently submitted its recommendations for the Address, focusing on the development of a carbon neutral city, Greater Bay Area innovation and technology (I&T), and the Belt and Road initiative.


Prof. Christopher Chao, PolyU Vice President (Research and Innovation) and Director of PReCIT pointed out that Hong Kong has unique geographical advantages, a well-established legal system, and five world-class universities that have attained exceptional achievements in basic scientific research. However, the private sector’s investment in R&D in Hong Kong is relatively low. It is imperative for the government to drive industry-academia-research collaboration and research commercialisation as a new driving force for Hong Kong’s economic growth.


Prof. Eric Chui, Co-Director of PReCIT and Head of the Department of Applied Social Sciences stated that talent is a key element for Hong Kong’s development as an international I&T hub. Offering scholarships, grants and loans to outstanding students from Belt and Road countries, along with a pre-requisite requirement of serving in Hong Kong upon graduation, would be helpful in attracting talents to Hong Kong.


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