PolyU ranked first in the total number of funded projects among local universities in the Research Impact Fund (RIF) 2022/23 of the Research Grants Council. Five research projects led by PolyU scholars have been awarded a total grant value amounting to HK$27.55 million. 


The five PolyU-awarded projects cover different research areas, ranging from medical innovation, smart buildings and construction, green technology, and materials science to advanced manufacturing, aiming to deliver impactful solutions to address sustainable community needs. 


The RIF awards successful projects with funding up to HK$10 million each for a three to five-year period. In particular, the PolyU study on deconstruction and reuse technologies for steel and composite structures received the highest funding amount of HK$9.75 million for a five-year duration under the RIF 2022/23.

PolyU-led projects awarded Research Impact Fund 2022/23:



Project Coordinator

Budget to be Funded by the RGC* (HKD)

A novel approach to target cancer stemness using peptidic chimeric antigen receptor (pCAR) macrophages

New scientific knowledge for a novel therapeutic strategy against liver cancer stem cells for hepatocellular carcinoma

Prof. Lee Kin-wah Terence
Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology


Flexible and Stretchable Batteries for Wearable Applications

For wearable technologies, smart electronic textiles, electronic skins, soft robotics, bioelectronics and the Internet of Things

Prof. Zheng Zijian
Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology


Achieving the Circular Economy in Construction through Deconstruction and Reuse Technologies for Steel and Composite Structures

Developing productive construction technologies through advanced engineering methods and management strategies

Dr Tak-Ming Chan
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Next Generation of In-situ Precision Three-dimensional Surface Metrology: A Smart Self-adaptive Multiscopic Approach for Industrial 4.0

Can be embedded in different machine tools, manufacturing equipment and portable measurement devices under various manufacturing or measurement scenarios for Industry 4.0

Prof. Benny C.F. Cheung
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering


Industry 4.0 Smart Prefabrication Yard for Modular Construction Fitout

Bringing benefits to housing production and supply in Hong Kong with smart prefabrication yard innovations

Prof. George Q. Huang
Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering