Prof. Yung Kai-leung, Director of the Research Centre for Deep Space Explorations (RCDSE), Sir Sze-yuen Chung Professor in Precision Engineering, and Chair Professor of Precision Engineering, was featured in RTHK’s TV documentary series “Our Scientists”. 


In addition to introducing PolyU’s contributions to the country’s aerospace industry over the years and the work of RCDSE, Prof. Yung recalled his scientific journey from the darkroom in secondary school all the way to the space missions he has participated in. Prof. Yung’s colleagues and aides also shared how his passion to excel has inspired them. 


Prof. Yung told RTHK that research is a never-ending process and is always moving forward. “Each time there is a new challenge, we strive to do better than the last time,” he said.


More information about Prof. Yung’s journey in space research and his team’s contributions to the country’s aerospace industry can be found in the RTHK interview Part 1 (01:27 - 07:48) and Part 2.