The Green Tech Fund (GTF) approved a HK$5.56 million grant to Prof. Lee Shun-cheng of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at PolyU to conduct research on the “Development of a nanotechnology-based hybrid air cleaning system towards green transport.” The research aims at reducing multiple traffic-related air pollutants in semi-confined Hong Kong Public Transport Interchanges (PTIs), without influencing traffic flow or modifying original infrastructures.


The project will develop a nanotechnology-based hybrid regenerable air cleaning system (RACS) by adopting advanced technologies such as an active sampling system, green energy, and novel air cleaning modules designed by the PolyU team. The as-designed RACS will be applied to remove traffic-related emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), fine suspended particulates (PM2.5), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and ozone (O3) in selected PTIs in Hong Kong. 


The well-designed RACS is portable and could be tailored to various micro urban environments. It will first conduct field tests at selected PTIs in Hong Kong, and then expand for potential application in areas with dense traffic emissions such as closed street canyons, train stations, runways, customs ports, car parks, taxi stands, tunnels, airports, etc. 


The expected deliverables of this 24-month project will enable the efficient mitigation of traffic-related air pollution, supporting the Hong Kong Government to realise green transportation and create a more liveable environment under the Hong Kong Clean Air Plan 2035. 


The Government set up the GTF in 2020 to fund research and development projects which help Hong Kong decarbonise and enhance environmental protection. The assessment committee is chaired by the Director of Environmental Protection and comprises members from academia, industry and green groups.