PolyU HK - Where Innovation Meets Application

Extraordinary Campus Location of PolyU HK - Situated in the heart of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU HK) has a long history of providing quality education to students from various parts of the world. With our motto originated from ancient Chinese wisdom, "to learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind", PolyU HK has been modestly serving the local society and the world by advancing knowledge and the frontiers of technology. Located amid the flourishing downtown area of Hung Hum, PolyU HK boasts convenience and the modern design of its world-renowned buildings. With three MTR stations nearby, the "prime" location of PolyU HK allows students to enjoy the vibrant cityscape and experience the mingling of nature and modernity of Hong Kong apart from their school life.

Through the History of Development - 80 Years Strive for Excellence

The beginning of our odyssey of education in PolyU HK can be traced back to the founding of the Government Trade School in 1937. The School was the first publicly funded, post-secondary technical institution in Hong Kong. As time elapses, the school evolved into the Hong Kong Technical College and later the Hong Kong Polytechnic. In the year of 1994, the institution assumed full university status and was renamed the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. For the past 80 years, PolyU HK has been offering quality programmes that provide students with rewarding learning experience. PolyU HK has conferred numerous honorary degrees upon graduates and is widely recognised as a professional institution with major contributions in Hong Kong. We were ranked the 6th in the QS Top 50 Under 50 Rankings 2018 and the 27th in the QS Asian University Rankings of the same year. Looking forward, we will keep our commitment on exploring new realm of knowledge and technical development.

Nurturing Future Leader with Full Array of Support

PolyU HK sees the value of achieving students’ intended learning outcomes. One of our main goals of education is to nurture all-round future leaders who have visions to change the world. A wide range of student development programmes has been designed to facilitate students' learning progress. With the purpose of exposing students to real working environment, the mandatory Work-Integrated Education has been incorporated into our undergraduate programmes in 2005. PolyU HK takes pride in being the first of its kind in Hong Kong to make such a move, aiming to elevate the competitiveness of our graduates. On the other hand, students are offered with great opportunities to explore the world through our exchange programmes, which can enhance their cultural experience and ignite meaningful knowledge exchange with foreign students. In addition to on-campus experience, we reckon that it is essential for our young people to develop creativity, entrepreneurship along with social responsibility. Therefore, we provide students with PolyU Micro Fund Scheme and China Entrepreneurship Fund as seed funding programmes to support our students and graduates to unleash their potentials on starting new business.